Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 144: Black Ruffles

I wore these socks for Thursday and then into the wee hours of Friday morning for the Royal Wedding.

On Thursday I went to Big Feast for breakfast with Kaitlin. We had such a good time catching up. We basically spent the entire time sharing stories back and forth like we hadn't missed any time at all. It was delicious food, with a fabulous friend! I am looking forward to her coming to visit in Calgary.

I went to my old work with my Mom after that and got to see my coworkers adorable little one-month-old baby, Patrick! What a sweet little guy! It was great to see all the people that I used to see and work with everyday. I definitely miss working with many of those people.

After spending a good three hours there, I headed home to have a family dinner. My Aunt came in from the Island and we all had a delicious BBQ together.

I then went for coffee with Amy, Tara and Laura. So nice to see those girls!!! We had a fun time hanging out at Starbucks for a few hours.

THEN (seriously this was a ridiculously busy day), Amy and I came to my house and we chatted in her car for a bit about what's going on in both of our lives. I feel like I made some really solid friends in BC and it's sad that I don't get to see all of these people consistently.

A bunch of people came over to my Mom's house to watch the Royal Wedding. Seriously, this is what dreams are made of! I was ridiculously excited when I saw Harry and William in the car on the way to Westminster Abbey. Such handsome boys, a certain ginger more so than his elder counterpart. Oh, Prince Harry, he's just delightful. That cheeky smile gets me every time! I thought that the bride was absolutely stunning -- and not just because of my serious love of wedding dresses with lace on them. No, that girl would probably look gorgeous in anything; would you really expect less of the bride of the future King? I know that watching this will be something that I remember forever. That was history right there. I feel like it wouldn't do the wedding justice if I didn't mention how Kate's younger sister, Pippa, rocked her form-fitting maid-of-honour dress. Some families really have all the best genes! So, the girls were very classy and beautiful.

And the boys, well, two words: Military Uniforms.
And after those two words all I have left is: Mmmmm.

Cheers to Prince Harry, the newest most eligible bachelor in the UK!


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