Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 128: Cinderella, True Love

My Cinderella, True Love socks were just waiting to be worn! I was actually saving these sweet things for a special day! Since I decided in my last blog that I was going to try and find a real prince, I thought these were the appropriate socks for the day.

And the most amazing thing happened. But before I say what it was, you need background information as to how it all came about.

After I was done (my last!) statistics class on Tuesday afternoon, I spent the rest of the day doing homework. I had to write a paper that was a minimum of five pages all about team dynamics and my analysis of the team that I worked with on a presentation and paper. This took me the majority of the afternoon and into the evening. At around 7:45ish, after I had just finished printing my paper and was internally celebrating my small victory, my brother asked if I wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese for Andrew's birthday. Naturally, I said yes. How could someone honestly turn down Chuck E Cheese? I hadn't been since I was a very little kid so I was actually quite excited. While the three guys mostly talked about bands I had never heard of on the ride up there, once we were there it was an awesome time. I completely forgot how much fun those arcade-style games are!

One of the machines made little I.D. cards for you. You put in a token, push the button to say if you are a boy or a girl, and then you lean waaaaaay back, since we're big kids, in order for the machine to take your picture to put on your new photo I.D. There were about 6 different I.D. cards you could end up with for boys. And about the same amount for girls. Kaitlyn went first. She told the machine she was a boy and got an I.D. card for a Pro Skateboarder. That was pretty sweet. Chris went next and got an I.D. card for a Movie Star. Also pretty stellar.

Now I come to the amazing part! I took my turn. I put in my token. I pressed "Girl." I leaned waaaaaay back. The machine took my picture. In about 15 seconds, this popped out:

I laughed really hard and was really excited! This is what the back of my new I.D. card says:

My kiss possesses the magic to spread joy and happiness? That is news to me, but what a delight!

So, while I did not meet a real prince (that I know of!), I did receive confirmation, from the very respectable Chuck E Cheese, that I am, in fact, a Royal Princess.

As if it was ever debatable.


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  1. Aw. That's so cool... since you were wearing princess socks that day. And had just talked about your Disney frustrations.
    You're so beautiful Lydia! :)


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