Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 139: The horn, the horn, it sounds so forlorn

Together with my friends we tried to figure out what each of these instruments are. Piano, Guitar, Violin/Cello (still undecided), and a bugle are what we came up with. These socks are pretty rad.

Saturday was my brother Chad's birthday breakfast with the family. I slept in much later than I intended, but I was at a movie late on Friday night and was still feeling sick. Needless to say I was not awake in time to help with the preparation of the birthday breakfast. I earned mine by doing all the dishes after the meal though. Then I studied. Of course. With just one exam left it's hard to focus, but I'm going to make it!

In the evening I went to Krista's house for her Easter Egg Hunt party. I vetoed some of the overly questionable things she had planned for this party. It was a great time!! It was the last party at Krista's house (sniff, sniff) and I celebrated that with wine! And I made my own hummus. Seriously, that is the easiest stuff to make. It turned out a bit too runny and not flavourful enough for my liking, but I will try it again sometime and hopefully it will be even better that time. I will have to over-garlic and over-lemon it the next time. And maybe over-spice it too with the cumin and coriander.

Great last party at Krista's (aside from a serious case of verbal/accusation diarrhea on my part and the loss of my favourite lip gloss somewhere in her home -- these two things are not related!)!!!

Will miss Krista more than she could know.


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