Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 130: Knitted "Ecology"

These socks are AMAZING because my Auntie Dawn knitted them for me! They are super soft and comfortable. She is obviously talented and I love her so much! The colour scheme is called Ecology.

Special socks for a special day too. After work on Thursday I attended a PostSecret event. For those of you that don't know what PostSecret is, you should! A man, Frank Warren, from Maryland, one day decided to give out blank postcards with his address on them and encourage strangers to mail him their secrets. It's turned into quite the huge deal. He has received over 500,000 postcards from people with their secrets on them. At the event, Frank Warren spoke about how PostSecret came to be, why he thinks it's become as popular as it has, and he even shared some of his own secrets. The audience was then encouraged to participate and tell their secrets, if they were comfortable enough to go to the microphones and share. A lot of people did, which was crazy. Sometimes it was cool, other times it was uncomfortable. The whole event was really sweet though. I'm glad I went. And 100% of the proceeds from that evening went to support the Centre for Suicide Prevention.

After the event, Krista and I went to Milestones and had our favourite meals! We always love to get the Goat Cheese and Garlic Flatbread plate as an appetizer. It is SO delicious. And then we also both really enjoy the Chicken Pesto Fettucini. It is creamy and flavourful. Mmmm, I just love those two dishes!

Thursday was a totally fabulous evening! Oh, except that was the day I found out Ginger was costing me $500 to fix her. How wonderful.

Honestly though, the amazing evening more than made up for any black mark that Ginger put on that day.

Ecology is a good thing!



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