Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 131: Pretty in Pink, Cats

Hot pink kitty cats with perfect posture cover these socks!

Friday I meant to study for Statistics. I really did. However, I woke up and found out Ginger was ready to be picked up. So, I went for $2 casino breakfast with about eight different people. Got to hear the story about how Daniel proposed to Ashley, which was definitely a highlight of the day! I am so excited for those two!! After breakfast, I picked up my car. Then, a little while later, some people were going for lunch and I wanted to go. I printed some practice exams off for Stats and then headed off to lunch. Serious procrastination.

After I came back from lunch, I had to shower and pack my bag for Edmonton that evening. I was headed to Edmonton with Krista, Tammy and Andrew (and we met Allie and Matt there). We were going for a night to go to a bar, a gay bar to be precise, to support their friend Greg, who was DJing.

The drive up to Edmonton was SO much fun. Andrew had made some sweet mixes (like 90's songs, dance mixes, and a sing-along CD). We basically danced like fools and sang the entire way there. Once at the hotel we got ready to go out, since we didn't get in until 9ish.

By the time 10:30 or 11 rolled around, we were ready to go out. The bar was right around the corner from the hotel, which was convenient! We didn't have to pay cover because we were on the VIP list, thanks to Greg! We all had a great time dancing and the $3 drinks on Friday nights were a bonus too.

There was one creepshow person there that made me especially uncomfortable...and possibly Krista too...but other than that the dancing was fun and the general partying with some great friends was a really good time.

Strangest thing for me to get over: the notion of bathrooms being basically unisex at a gay bar. It seemed strange to use the men's washroom, but it really didn't matter to anyone at all.

All in all, it was a good night. And our hotel was super sweet too. With the exception of the bathroom door. But that's a whole other story.


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