Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 121: Orange Towels

There ended up being about 5 pairs of socks that I had worn that I am going to wear again in order to get this blog back on track. Apparently this last month of school has really messed with my personal/social life. Maybe calling a blog a part of my 'social' life is a bit of a stretch. Today I am wearing these orange towel-like socks that Krista gave to me. Apparently when she was quite a lot younger a friend came over one day, I think for a sleepover, and forgot her socks at Krista's house. Krista has since washed them and had them ever since. My friend being somewhat of a klepto is advantageous for me and this blog, so I won't complain. Maybe I'll guard my socks the next time I'm over there though...hmmm.

I am feeling overwhelmed. So many emotions in one head, at one time. I'm feeling excitement.  Excitement to finally cut my hair off tomorrow! After four months of fundraising (and $2220 raised for the Canadian Cancer Society!!!), the time to cut my hair is finally upon me. I'm feeling apprehension. Apprehension of, "what if it looks bad on me?", "what if I can't pull this look off?", "what if I cry?", "what if it ruins my chances of ever getting a man?" -- okay, I know the last one is irrational, but this is what I do to myself when I'm nervous! I'm feeling proud. Proud that I've managed to raise so much money for such a good cause. Proud that my hair will be going to help women faced with the reality of losing their hair because of a disease. The women are the reason that all of my fears/apprehensions/idiotic ramblings are worth it. The women diagnosed with cancer often don't have the choice of if they want to lose their hair or not. This is something that just happens as a reality of going through chemotherapy. If my hair can help and make even one of these women smile, I have done my part.

I was moved deeply by a funeral I went to on Saturday for a couple of my friends' Mom, Mirielle Noel. She was such a bright, sunny person. Always laughing, always smiling. Cancer has taken this lovely lady from us, and that is why raising money is even more important. We need to stop this disease and find a cure. And before a cure even comes, we need to give, to help those that are dealing with cancer. I will miss seeing Mirielle's smiling face at church. I will especially miss her infectious laughter and her sincere bear hugs.

I dedicate this fundraising and hair cutting venture to the memory of Mirielle Noel. May she always be remembered for her overwhelming amount of great qualities -- her energy, determination, fun-loving spirit and her unending love.

I also wish to dedicate this to my Papa, who passed away in 2003 from cancer.

And to all those who have been affected by cancer in any way, I hope to honour each and every one of you and/or your family and friends this day.

I love my hair.
But I love people more.
Bring on the hair-cutting. I'm ready now.


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  1. You are gonna look great! And it will grow back faster than you think!! So proud of you, looking foward to tonight!!!



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