Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 136: Shades of Easter

Shades of Easter should be the name of some little indie band. I suppose it could be interpreted many ways, actually.

Today has been a fabulous day! I woke up nice and early and went to Starbucks to study. While I only got through one of the bullets on my study sheet, I did have a great talk with Rebecca. She is another one of the many friends that are leaving Calgary this year. Seriously, next semester will be so different without all these people here. Even summer will be different. But anyways, we had a good time and I think she got a bit more studying done than I did. Hopefully so, since her exam is tomorrow and my next one is not until next week.

After studying, I headed to work. At work later in the afternoon I checked my grades online for Stats because I knew they were posting them right away and I almost fell off my chair. In fact I yelled out, "OH MY GOD!" and pushed back on my roller chair from the desk. I ran out to tell Mallory.

"I GOT 100% ON MY STATISTICS FINAL! Oh my gosh. Is that a thing? Do people do that? How did I get 100??"

I called my Mom and started the conversation with, "Mom, you birthed a genius..."

I felt like if I didn't tell the people that faithfully follow my blog about this that I was somehow cheating you out of the best part of my day. I was, and still am, so excited. I know I'm bragging, but I am just totally shocked over it all.

So that would be a final mark of an A+ in Statistics (97% overall). When I got home I checked my mark in my HR class where the last assignment was worth 60% of my mark. I got an A.

Today is an amazing day for my grades. Let's keep going on this roll...



  1. AMAZING! Anna says: "HAH REALLY?" so I certainly don't think its a thing.
    I think you may have found your superhero power. Stats finals.

  2. Thanks!! I totally can't believe it -- still. But there it is, and thank goodness it's over. :)


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