Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 137: Hot Potato Pink

I think that hot pink socks are always a fun choice. Thursday I went to work all day. It was a fairly typical shift. However, I realized while I was there that it was my second last shift at that company. In less than two weeks I start my summer coop placement. Sort of nerve-wracking really. I'm not afraid of the people or the job itself, but in true-to-me fashion, I'm nervous about taking transit downtown. Not because of the people on transit, but because I can't handle feeling powerless over what time I arrive. I will most definitely map everything out as best as I can and most likely do a practice run so I know exactly where I'm walking to once I get off of the train. A week and a half away and I'm already worried about being late. So ridiculous.

Anyways, on Thursday evening I went to dinner with my friend Nathan. He's one of the friends that I kept in touch with while I lived in BC and he even came to visit once while I was out there. Oddly enough, even though I've been back for eight months, I've seen him less than a handful of times. That's pretty much as ridiculous as my fear of being late. We went and had dinner at a restaurant near my house that I'd never been to. It was so yummy! I had tamarind chicken and this is how pretty it looked:
I thoroughly enjoyed that meal. I ate the whole thing, with the exception of the flower. Mmmmm.

After dinner we went to see a movie because I had a two for one coupon. Being a student has made me pretty cheap, which is probably a good thing at this point in my life. The first place we went to use the coupon didn't actually take it so we walked around Chapters for a bit and then went to Nate's house to see his Dad's delicious new car!! Nate gave me the grand house tour (house tours are always my favourite!) and then we came back into town and went to the later movie. We saw 'Your Highness' and let me tell you, it was rude. Nate even said, "are you sure you want to see this? I think it's supposed to be pretty crude." And of course, that was more like a challenge in my twisted little brain. So we went. It was crude. Probably wouldn't see it again, but I sure did enjoy seeing James Franco's ADORABLE smile through the entire movie. That man is so genetically blessed.

So I leave you with this:
You're welcome.


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