Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 66: Naughty and Nice

These socks are from Nici and they are HILARIOUS! I absolutely love the gingerbread man with his head off. Maybe I'm leaning more towards the 'naughty' side today?

Commence rant:

Who in their right mind wears bright yellow sweatpants? I am sitting at school and there is a guy across the room that is wearing them. As he walked in I looked up from my Facebooking to see the horrible sight of yellow sweatpants covering his legs. Disgusting. Now, to be fair, I'm not even a big fan of sweatpants in the first place. I feel like they are barely a step above pajamas and should be saved for a) sleeping, b) exercising, c) lazing around at home, or maybe d) dodgeball since yellow is Team Team's colour. Sweatpants and pajamas should not be worn in public unless required (aka you are on your way to a sweatpants or pajama party, and stops should not be made along the way). With a hate on for sweats already maybe it was only natural that I would be so appalled by this young gentleman's choice of attire. But really...yellow?!

When I was in Elementary School there was a boy in my class that wore yellow sweatpants about once a week. I will [potentially] save his pride by not posting his name on the internet. Actually, I don't even remember his last name. But I certainly remember his first name because the only thing that made the yellow sweatpants worse was that his Mom had written his name on the tag in permanent marker. His sweatpants were a tad big and his pants would roll down a little bit; since he sat in front of me I could always see his name displayed there, in capital letters, on the tag of his hideously ugly pants, like he was proud to call them his own.

I have no idea if the guy across the room has his name somewhere on his pants too. And trust me, I won't find out.

Rant end.


Day 65: Old School Cartoon Style

Remember on cartoons that when someone got punched it would just show "Boom!" and "Bam!" on the screen? I wonder if they did that to make it less 'violent'. It's not like the kid didn't know what was happening, or couldn't picture the punch in their own mind. However, cartoons were probably less violent than they are now, but I I wouldn't really know since I don't really watch them anymore. It's not that I don't want to watch cartoons. I just don't have the time. If I wake up early on Saturday morning I do homework instead. It's a boring life doing homework all the time, but eventually it will pay off.

I spent most of Sunday doing homework. I rocked out almost my entire lit review that is due on Wednesday. I just need to add a paragraph more, do some formatting and do my references tomorrow morning. That will be easy!

After all my homework I went over to Joy's place and hung out with her, Baylee, and Rebecca. We talked and Joy and I ordered pizza and then went to church. I love Sunday night church. It means I can stay up as late as I want on Saturday night and still be able to make it to church on time! It's a great idea.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 64: Spongebob Squarepants

These socks actually made me laugh when I saw them. They are so cute! This is my first pair (of 23) that Nici sent me. I used them on a good day too!

Saturday was one of those days where I had great intentions of doing a lot of homework, but ended up completely slacking off instead. I woke up and my Dad and Stepmom were cleaning out the office, which is the room that my bedroom shares a wall with. In order to avoid the noise of that I figured I needed to study elsewhere. Since Calgary weather decided to dump a whole bunch of snow the night before (and continuing into that day) I figured it was safer to study at Krista's during the day since our girls night, affectionately known as 'Vagina Night', was to be held at her place that evening. If I went there to study that was one less car trip I had to make from somewhere else on the terrible snowy roads.

Again, really good intentions. I went to get some wine and stopped at the grocery store and took my sweet time looking around in there. When it comes to snack food I can be really indecisive sometimes. After that I figured I needed some lunch, so I went to Subway. By the time I got to Krista's house it was already almost 1pm. Krista came home about 10 minutes after I got there so we chatted a bit. I finally cracked a book and did some reading. But then, Krista introduced me to the hilarious British television series, Gavin and Stacey. I love this show. The couple are so completely adorable and the supporting cast are absolutely hilarious, and each in their own way. I don't think there were any scenes where I didn't laugh out loud. Poor Krista was trying to nap while I was laughing like a fool downstairs and watching the entire first season (6 episodes)!

Krista and I made some yummy dinner together and then it was V-Night! We played Catchphrase, ate some healthy snacks, some junky snacks and had really good chats about anything and everything. Such girls. It was perfect. I totally adore each of the girls that were there and all that they shared and brought to the group. Girls are just amazing creatures with such grace and heart and it totally amazes me how our personalities can be so different from one another, but can just mesh sometimes. Girls night was much needed and should definitely happen again soon!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 63: Chicks and Stripes

These socks are totally cute and are from Liz! I really like them and they go with my orange sweater.

Friday was such a fun day! I got up at 5:15am to head to school for my deep water workout class. I love this class. It is so challenging, but refreshing at the same time. You can really go at your own pace and I like to push myself. I end up with a beet red tomato face and I'm sure I sweat, but I guess that just goes in the water. Kind of gross, but the chlorine probably helps to make it less gross. Maybe? I also love deep water workout because it means I get to see Kate at least once a week! Love it!

After working out I had a test in my Organizational Behaviour class. It wasn't really hard, just 25 multiple choice questions. After this class I went to Stats class. We were doing practice exercises and to be honest, I kind of...enjoyed it. There is something so satisfying about being able to produce the correct answer in any sort of mathematics based courses. At least it's satisfying for me. I feel like I've really accomplished something when I get the right answer because math is something that does not come really easily to me.

Friday afternoon I did an orientation downtown. I signed up for a Volunteer project where myself and about 6 other HR students will interview employers on behalf of an organization to see the employers' receptiveness to hiring from the homeless and/or those currently on welfare. It will be such a neat project and I can't wait to be a part of it!

Friday night I saw the movie Blue Valentine with Krista. This was a really hard movie for me to watch, as it turns out. I didn't think it would be difficult for me, but there were scenes in it that were just heart wrenching for me because of things that have happened in my own life. It made me appreciate my family and appreciate and possibly more fully understand the decisions that my family has had to make along the way. I think it just gave me a much broader understanding of falling out of love with people, divorce and even the scary world of vices and how dangerous they can be.


Day 62: Blue and Purple Flowers

Thursday was a day filled with work and exercising!

I got up bright and early to head to work. I spent the entire day working and then headed to Joy's for Bellyfit. We made it to Bellyfit just in time, well, actually a couple minutes late. But we only missed a couple minutes! I was able to hold it together through Bellyfit this time. No laughing! And it was even a really good workout. I definitely enjoyed it even more this week than I did last week.

After Bellyfit I spent my evening studying for a test that I had on Friday morning. It was really non-eventful and I went to bed early for my 6:15am deep water workout the next day!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 61: Strawberry Shortcake (round two)

I call this round two because when I was in BC at Christmas Amy gave these socks to me. They came in a two-pack and I already wore the other pair. I'm not cheating and wearing the same pair twice!

Today I went to school and got out of class super early. I wasn't needed at work so I had a free afternoon. I came home and my stepbrother took me out to Peters' Drive In for lunch. He even bought it for me! What a gentlemanly younger brother I have! He bought it because he keeps kicking me out of the house last minute when he needs to record something, and I always oblige. After lunch I went out for coffee with a friend and had a great time! We went to a cafe that I have never been to before in downtown Calgary. I was led to believe that there was some crazy, awesome story about the name of the place, but I soon found out it just meant "coffee" in Polish. Not nearly as exciting as I anticipated. Regardless, it was fun!

When I got home from coffee there was a package waiting for me! I absolutely LOVE getting mail. This was no exception. It was a package that my Mom sent me that originally came from my favourite person in Nebraska! When I opened the box there was a nice little note from my Mom with a present from her trip to Nuevo Vallarta in January (thanks Mommy it goes perfectly in my beach themed bedroom!!). There were three pairs of socks from one of my coworkers in BC (thanks Lauralynn!) and then there were TWENTY pairs of socks from the Nebraskiner? Nebraskinite? Nebraskonian? The best person ever from Nebraska? Anyways, as if the twenty pairs of socks weren't enough, she also sent me some lovely purple christmas ornaments (it was a late christmas present thanks to the US/Canadian postal services), and there was also a Coach keychain that matches a Coach purse that was given to me as a present a few months ago by another friend. Amazing package, to say the least!

This package totally got me all excited! I officially have 23 more pairs of socks. I should count soon and see how many I have waiting to be worn. I can't wait to show you all some of these new ones!

After an evening of studying, I am ready for bed. Bellyfit tomorrow. I'll try to contain my giggles 100% this time.


Day 60: Blue and Purple Stripes

Tuesday was such a wonderful day! These socks must be good luck, in most ways.

I got up early and went to school to finish the last bits of a paper that was due Wednesday morning. I got that done. I then got 100% on my first Statistics quiz. Then I met with my coop coordinator and found out that although I do actually have to extend my degree by one semester, I am really looking forward to my coop work terms! I am so excited that I will actually be enjoying the opportunity to work within my field of study. After this I found out that my school refunded my Accounting tuition. So that's $500 off my VISA bill. I loved this day!

Tuesday evening was dodgeball (as I mentioned in my last post). Krista came home to her house after work and I was studying there. Pre-arranged deal. I'm not a total creep. She made me dinner like any good housewife does and it was delicious!! We then headed off to dodgeball.

Dodgeball was, in a word, embarrassing. We mercied in the first 23 minutes of playing. Which means (I think?) that we lost 7 games in a row. In 23 minutes. Kind of one of those things that reminds me of why I was always picked last for team sports in high school gym. The team we played was intense. There was one guy on the team that could jump like friggin' Shaquille O'Neal. He was ridiculous. Maybe if I could jump like that it would have helped our team. I am actually crying I'm laughing so hard right now because I just pictured the whole team as being able to jump like that and thought it would be hilarious. Like wack-a-mole! Hahahaha. Okay, I'm done that. I was also impressed with the throwing ability of the opposing team. We have a few strong throwers, a few strong catchers and a few strong dodgers. The other team seemed to all be able to throw, catch and dodge -- even the girls!

Last night the team was also no stranger to injuries. The already beaten and stitched Kyle threw out his back. Allie and Andrew both got balls to the face. And Krista. Poor, sweet Krista. Krista had a ball thrown at her with such force that when it hit her...(in the boob!!)...she had an instant giant red/purpley welt. That girl is a champ!

Team Team is full of welts, bumps, bruises, and sores. But we will rally. And the next team should be afraid. We clearly have a lot of pent up pain and frustration to let loose next time! Let's go Team Team Victory!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 59: Princess

Princess socks! How appropriate for a princess such as myself. I totally slacked on writing my blog yesterday so I am writing it for yesterday, today.

Yesterday (all my troubles seemed so far away...?). Kidding! Yesterday I worked most of the day and then I had school in the evening. It was a fairly uneventful day because nothing crazy or groundbreaking happened or came up.

I just want to tell you all though how much I have been enjoying my Compensation and Benefits class. According to my coop coordinator it is one of those hit or miss classes, meaning you generally either like it or hate it. I am so thankful that I like it!

After class last night I went home and got all my stuff ready for Dodgeball, which is happening tonight. Oh my gosh, I don't think I ever blogged that I have joined a dodgeball team! We're in rec league dodgeball and it's super fun! Every Tuesday night, for an hour, for the next 10-ish weeks will be spent in elementary school gyms throwing balls at other people and having balls thrown at me (and the rest of the team). I'm pretty excited about it. Last week was my first game and while I didn't get anyone out, I managed to stay in alright by dodging the ball for the most part. I need to work on my catching and my throwing pretty badly considering I hadn't played since high school -- and even then I wasn't really any good. Practice is what I need!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 58: Bright Blue

I've had these little socks for a while now. I got them in a pack of ridiculously bright coloured socks from H&M. That store has great, cheap accessories!

I must say I am running on quite little sleep today as I was up super late last night.

I have a question:

Do you think that some people have a larger capacity to love than others? I have been thinking lately about this and was reminded again last night when an "I have never" question was posed as, "I have never loved someone more than they loved me." I have definitely been in that boat before. It made me wonder if some people just find loving easier than others do? I think there are certain types of people that can 'fall in love' with just about anyone, if they are determined enough to do it. There's also people that easily fall in love, not because of determination, it's just their nature. These are the people that can love someone new every week. And then there are those that love is a slow, gradual building process that starts with friendship and trust. I know that I can't judge someone else's heart and how they truly feel, but I feel sad for people that don't seem to really be in love. Some people might be content with this because security and comfort is more important to them than passion and deep-rooted love and understanding of one another.

I just really pray that won't be the case in my relationship(s). I want to feel passionate about the person I'm with. I want people to be able to tell that we are crazy about each other. I want to try to understand them and how they work so we can work well together as a team. I want to have such a deep connection through love that life without them is unfathomable.

I never want to settle for safety and security, without love. To me, a life without love is empty.


Day 57: Bowling Shoes

Saturday was a super fun day! Well, at least the evening was super fun. In the morning I slept in, which is always delightful. I then went to Starbucks to get some studying done. I have found that a Starbucks near my house is rarely busy and it's the perfect spot for studying because of it. I spent hours doing Stats homework and preparing for my quiz that's on Tuesday. It was really very boring, but at least I got all of my Stats homework and now I'm caught up on that for now.

Then I spent some time reading a chapter for my Compensation and Benefits class. I absolutely love this class. I didn't think I'd really be into the Compensation and Benefits side of HR, but honestly, I think it's more interesting to me than even interviewing was. I like them both, but if I had to choose one or the other I'm sure I'd choose Comp. and Benefits.

After this I got ready to go bowling with a group of friends! It was so much fun. All the ladies wore purple and we did boys vs girls. It ended up being a tie as the boys won the first round and the girls won the second round. Possibly rematch might be in order! Once bowling was done we went to Limericks and then to Krista's house.

Krista's house was my favourite part of the night as we drank wine, played sociables, and then decided to play sardines. I haven't played sardines since I was in church youth group. For those that don't know how it works, all the lights are off and one person hides and then everyone looks for them. But instead of calling them out like regular hide-and-seek, once you find the person you have to hide with them wherever they are hiding until the last person finds the group. When it was my turn, I hid in the shower. As one of my friends found me and came to sit down in the shower with me, he accidentally smacked my nose with his arm and I instantly got a bleeding nose. It was quite comical as I freaked out in need of toilet paper while sitting on the floor of a shower surrounded by other people in the dark. Luckily my friends took great care of me after it happened and I ended up being back to normal in no time!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 56: Flowers and Dots

I picked these little guys up for $1.50 at Michaels the other day when I was buying my team shirt for the Dodgeball team I joined. Kate and I had a fun time walking all around Michael's looking at things.

This morning was my first Deep H2O Bootcamp workout. It was more intense than I thought it would be. My face was beet red at the end of it. I know it's resistance training, but for some reason I thought it would be easier. Do you know how hard it is to run in water? How about water jumping jacks? How about being a human water wheel? It was difficult! And I wouldn't even say that I gave it 100% this first class. Next class I'll be sore for at least three days after for sure. The test of my soreness will be going bowling tomorrow and seeing if I can actually throw the ball. It's only 5-pin, but I feel that the ball may just fall out of my hand and possibly sit there if I can't get any force behind it. Or possibly I'll be able to throw it but will not be able to bend over at all to do so. I'll go to throw it and my whole body will just tip over. I will smack my face on the floor and the ball will go right into the gutter. I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow!

I must attend to some homework and some laundry. What a sexy Friday night I'm having! Party!!!


Day 55: White Nikes

I went hardcore workout girl on Thursday with my white Nike workout socks! They have little holes that supposedly keep your feet cooler.

Oh Bellyfit. Where do I start? This class was entertaining, to say the least. At the very beginning I was just excited to start and experience it all for the first time. I have never done any sort of Bollywood or Bellydancing at all. She explained that it was an aerobics class mainly, not just a dance class. Thank goodness because anyone that's seen me play Kinect knows that I can't mirror dance moves with someone else showing them to me. Non-dance moves seem to be alright for me. So we started off the class a bit slow. I got a little bit lost with some of the hand movements because they are very intricate, but for the most part I was able to keep up and not do too badly. After the warmup the instructor started with the hips where she said "if it's not jiggling, you're not doing it right!" I almost lost my mind. I was giggling slightly on the outside, but there was uproarious laughter on the inside.

Despite my initial reaction to the hip movements, I decided to try to really concentrate and focus on the movements so that I can be better at them next week. It was confusing sometimes with your legs and hips doing something totally different than your arms, but overall it wasn't too awful. I actually really enjoyed myself. Had a few laughs. Got in a pretty good workout for just starting back into this all again, so I'm happy about that.

Until next week...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 54: Leopard Print

I bought these socks at Jacob when I bought my Zebra striped ones. They are super cute!

Today I went to school and realized just how much work this semester is going to be. There are so many projects and so much to do! I am having an *extremely* hard time finding peer reviewed articles about budgeting, which is what I decided to do my 3.5 hour training on for my Training and Development class. It is a massive project and finding these articles is just the beginning. Over the next four weeks I have 4 different literature reviews due and they all need at least two peer reviewed articles as references per 3 page assignment. It would be okay if I could find that many articles! So far I've found only one that is useful so I still have 7 more to go!

After realizing how much there is to do this semester, I decided tonight would be a really good evening to spend inside doing homework. I've holed myself up in my bedroom, propped up with pillows on my bed, earphones in, and studying my little heart out. I was doing practice Stats questions and not doing too badly. Hopefully after a meeting with the professor I'll be at 100% before Monday when the questions are due.

This is what my entire evening has looked like:

Raggedy Ann and Lydia do homework

I have to go to bed now! I am working all day tomorrow and then tomorrow evening I have an aerobics type class where we are doing a mix of bellydancing, bollywood dancing, and some other types of dancing. It will be seriously interesting! I hope I don't get the giggles and laugh through the entire thing because I'm so far out of my comfort zone!

Goodnight, friends.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 53: Converse All-Stars

Aren't these amazing?? They look just like my real purple Converse All-Stars, except they are SOCKS. Thanks, Krista!!!

Today I start with a question: COULD THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE?
Realistically, probably yes. Does it feel like it right at this moment? No.

This morning Pekoe got dropped off at the vet by my Mom in BC to have his tumour on his back biopsied. They removed it and it was only skin deep so it was not a difficult procedure for them. I will know in two days time whether his tumour is cancerous or not. I'm really hoping not. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers! I can't bear to have something happen to him. He's my favourite little monkey ever.

After that news I headed to school. As has been happening in recent days, when I got into the Mount Royal parking lot and was driving slowly around hoping for a parking spot to open up, my car kept stalling. I drive an automatic so it's not that I'm just a crappy driver. It will be running along fine and then...dead. Thankfully it's only been happening in the Mount Royal parking lot, but at the same time it's very strange that this is the case. It happened three times yesterday evening, and then twice this morning! So frustrating! Needless to say, I missed my Stats class because I knew this needed to be looked at right away. At least looked at before my car dies randomly on some main road. But missing 2 hours of Stats is a lot of Stats to miss, especially when I already suck at that class and am not mathematically inclined in that way.

Mallory is AMAZING and has lent me her car for the next day so I can go about my life while my car is being looked at and possibly worked on. Thank goodness for life saver friends such as her!

I feel that with my accounting course, my dog, and now my car, that life can only get better from here (knock on wood!). Tonight I have my first dodgeball game as a part of 'TEAM TEAM'. I bought my yellow shirt and I'm ready to rock it! Maybe I can take out some pent up frustration on the other team? Watch out! Either that or I'll end up in the fetal position, crying. We'll see how it pans out.


Day 52: Zebra Stripes

I bought these beauties at Jacob in Pacific Centre in downtown Vancouver. I thought they were adorable with the animal print! No Zebras died in the making of these socks. At least I don't think so.

I was thinking a lot today about how much I love quizzes and any sort of questions that seem unusual or out of the ordinary. I am totally a sucker for those email quizzes that people used to send around when I was in high school. Now people send them on Facebook, and I'm still a sucker for them there. To be honest, a lot of the time I will do the quiz even if I don't send it to anyone after or post it in my Facebook notes.

Top Ten Things About Yourself - yes, please!
You Life According to iTunes- oh, can I?!
Every Detail About Your Boring Life, Ever - sign me up!

I suppose I've always been interested in finding out more things about myself. Or maybe I'm just narcissistic enough that I like to read my own answers -- especially when they're witty! Or possibly it all stems from when I was a teenager and there were those ads in magazines like 'Seventeen' that were for American Express credit cards. They would ask a famous person about 5 questions, generally really random and unusual ones. It looked like the answers were in their actual writing. I used to write out what my answers would be to the same questions because I thought it was fun.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons I'm going into Human Resources. In this field I get to create interview questions. And since I'm creating them I should have an idea of what a good answer would look like. I find it all very fascinating just how different people are and how differently we can each take the same question.

If you ever come across a really fun and interesting quiz, send it my way! I'll totally do it, even if you don't know!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 51: Gingerbread People

These are the socks I wore yesterday (Sunday). I pulled them out of my freakishly organized sock drawer and wasn't happy that there was little gingerbread guys on the back of them. I have realized I don't like socks with these types of things on them. Luckily when I put my shoes on to go to Ladies Society breakfast one of them fell off. I touched the other one to see if it was still on and it fell off in my hand. Problem solved. No uncomfortable gingerbread men on my feet!

Ladies Society breakfast was great. This week we decided to make 'French' cuisine. We made mini quiches, had fresh fruit, bought fresh croissants (we're not THAT adventurous to make them ourselves), and also threw in some apple sauce for good measure. It was really lovely. Except for when my poor little ladies society teacup was massacred by Joy and her brute strength. Okay, I'm being dramatic. But she did break the handle of it off while washing it. It was hilarious how it all went really slow motion style. The room happened to go quiet and immediately after we all heard a snap. Joy gasped and I turned to look. I saw the broken pieces of the cup. I yelled, "nooooooo, what did you do to my cup?!?!?!" and Joy just yelled...out loud....for a long time, in return. So I joined her in yelling for a bit. We figure the neighbours upstairs at Kristin and Ashley's place were probably wondering what was going on. Anyways, I eventually got over it. But if anyone happens to have a teacup with a light blue pattern, let me know! I need to replace mine! And I'm specific with the light blue because then it will semi-match the saucer that I still have.

After that I studied at Starbucks for a long while, got a free coffee because they messed up my drink, got a bunch of stuff done, more stuff organized, etc. Then I went to church. It had been a while since I'd been to that church and it was really nice to get back into it!

Time to eat a little before my HR class tonight. Will write my blog post for today later on.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 50: Softest Penguin Socks

Lyla gave me these socks! I absolutely LOVE them. They are incredibly soft, cute, and they have little snowflake grippies on the bottom! The grippy socks are the best kind, especially for someone as accident prone as I am. I was actually noticing last night, when I changed into shorts for bed, that I have a whole lot of bruises on my legs. I don't recall certain incidents that happened where I was awarded with bruises, but I know that I do bump into things a lot. The worst for me are usually the hip ones. I guess I don't realize sometimes that my hips are as big as they are [sidenote: My Father always refers to them as 'childbearing hips', which you can imagine I just love]. So with my 'childbearing hips' I often bash them into the corners of tables/bookcases/counters, etc. Corner bruises are always the worst. They're the ones that usually turn crazy colours.

Once when I was a small child I was using a public restroom's handicapped stall as it was the only one open. I was a spindly little skinny thing and was maybe around the age of 7 or 8. So Gangly Girl walks into the handicapped stall with the GIANT toilet. I then proceed to undo my pants, which people usually do when they are about to use the washroom. I realized in this moment that getting up on the toilet would take a little bit of a jump up. Or at least I thought so. Looking back now I imagine I could have just sat down like a normal person, but I decided to do a little jump. So Gangly Girl, with her pants down, does a little hop-jump to get onto the toilet. Somehow my skinny little butt ended up a little bit underneath the toilet seat on one side and because I had hop-jumped I pushed the sides of the toilet seat down with my hands as my butt made contact. What ended up happening was that I pinched what little fat I had on my upper right thigh between the toilet bowl and the toilet seat. I screamed bloody murder when it happened, quickly repositioned myself and proceeded to bawl my little eyes out (not an unusual occurrence, if I'm being honest). I can only imagine what the other people in the bathroom thought of the loud scream quickly followed by hysterical crying. I personally have never been in a bathroom when someone else has made those noises from another stall. Embarrassing, to say the least, but as a child you don't get embarrassed as easily. Regardless, I ended up with an instant bruise that was bigger than my fist. It was first a bright shade of blue, which quickly turned to a deep purple. Months later I still had a faint yellow/greenish bruise.

I have learned my lesson. Don't jump on toilets.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 49: Angels

Amanda gave me Angel socks for Christmas and I chose to wear them today. I figured I needed all the help I could get in order to have the Chair of the HR Department decide to let me drop accounting this semester. Well, it worked! I officially do not have to take accounting this semester. I can take it in the fall. I am so glad that worked out. She was actually a really nice lady and I enjoyed talking with her.

Unfortunately, this afternoon was really not so lucky in the angel socks. I came home from school and did some laundry. I got to talk to my Mom on the phone, which was really nice since she was in Mexico for the last week. But with the phone call came some bad news:

My sweet little dog, Pekoe, might have cancer. Sort of ironic since just this week I started raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society so I can donate my hair to be made into wigs for women with cancer. I know it's not quite the same, but it seems strange to all happen in the same week. Pekoe has a small growth on his chest/back that he will need to get a biopsy done on to check if it is for sure cancer. Once they know what we're dealing with I'll have to make some decisions. I'm a disaster about it all right now. I'm such an emotional person that it's really a curse sometimes. I get all ahead of myself and bawl my eyes out before I really know anything, like now. I'm so worried for him and the last thing I would ever want is for him to be in any kind of pain. I am just praying that they will know as soon as possible so I can figure out what to do.

I love this dog with all my heart. I feel like if I were to lose him it would be like losing a family member. Again, getting ahead of myself since I don't know yet if it's even cancer, but it's hard to separate a possible diagnosis from a true diagnosis in your mind when you are scared.

Anyways, keep the Peeks and I in your thoughts and prayers if you can. I'd appreciate it.

<3 him. :(

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 48: Fat Penguins Skating!

Originally I titled this post 'Fat Penguins Skiing' and then realized they are actually wearing skates. Genius!

Lately I've been thinking about how my generation and the generations after mine are involved so much in the electronic world that we seem to forget about the real world outside of our computer/laptop/tablet/phone screens, etc. Then I came across a video on my friend Krista's Facebook page that really struck a chord with me. While being comical, the guy in the video makes a strong case for stopping using Facebook. Personally, I wouldn't close my Facebook account just because I saw some video. Also, he makes it seem like Facebook is only negative, which is, in fact, not true. I think Facebook can be used well and used poorly. Maybe the majority of us use it poorly, but many people use it to actually connect with their friends. If you'd like to see the video, this is the URL: (FYI: if you don't like swear words, there are a couple written ones)

I tried to put that as a link, but it wasn't letting me copy and paste so hopefully you can do that part yourself.

This video did get me thinking more though about how this generation and future generations seem to be becoming more and more 'faceless'. Human contact is so minimal. Entire "relationships" are lived out through text, facebook, and instant messaging. How can you really know someone if your only communication is never in person? Do you really know a person at all if you aren't spending quality time with them? My thought is no.

I so value spending time with my friends. Yes, it's nice to catch up on Facebook or via text with people that you don't see often. But if you are living in the same city and it is geographically possible for you to get together on occasion, but you choose not to -- are those people really your 'close' friends? Probably not. Face time with people is much more meaningful and appreciated, at least to me.

I've always felt that the facial expressions people make are how I can gage how the conversation is going and how the other person is feeling about the topic. Without face-to-face interaction I lose this dynamic to aid in my understanding of the other's feelings. How sad.

I want to be in-person friends with you. Lets go out for coffee.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 47: Santa Claus

I'm still living out some of the Christmas festivities in the form of socks. I received a lot of Christmas themed socks as presents. I will try to wear them in January because this blog will end before next Christmas.

I have had a trying time since yesterday when I blogged. Last night I went to my first accounting class. It was, in a word, horrible. Literally the worst class I have ever sat through. I feel bad for the professor because I realize that he is very knowledgable about accounting, he's just not cut out to teach a first year accounting class. It was completely confusing and I was definitely not the only one that felt that way. I've taken some accounting before and I still had absolutely no idea what he was talking about or what was going on. My only option is to drop this class because I know that I will not pass the course with him as my instructor. Unfortunately this was the only accounting class that fit with the other classes in my schedule for this semester. This is ultra unfortunate because I am supposed to do my first co-op work term this spring (May to August) and accounting is a requirement for me to be able to do that. Needless to say I was freaking out just a little bit last night after the class was over. Thankfully my options seemed more reasonable today once I'd slept off the initial upset. I am going to meet with the Chair of the HR Department on Friday afternoon to discuss the possibility of still being able to participate in my first co-op work term as long as I take accounting in the spring semester while I'm working, or in the fall. I really hope she decides it's alright. If I can't have this summer be my first work term I may have to extend the time it takes to get my degree by 8 months. This would mean graduating in a December rather than an April. Not really my original plan.

Here's to hoping she takes pity on my case and doesn't think I'm just a whiner!

Okay I now need to focus on doing some homework. Already! It begins.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 46: Sharks!!!

Let me just express my LOVE for these socks. Krista bought these for me off of a website, which I will have to go to once I have any money to spend. They are sharks. They have fins. This morning I learned that the fins look like nipples when they are all stretched out on your leg. But the best part is that the sharks look like they are eating my calf! Seriously, these socks are incredible. And functional, because gray goes with everything.

Today I had my first Statistics class. Let's just say it's going to be an interesting semester. I was so lost. Already. In class number one. Oh, and having to buy a surprise textbook AND new calculator was really just the highlight of my afternoon. $250 (that I don't have) later, I guess I'm ready.

Thankfully I was able to meet up with my bestie, Kate, today. We had tea and french fries together. She wasn't even too embarrassed to eat with me in a restaurant where I brought my own sandwich because I can't afford their food. I felt like a loser, but talking with my best friend really helped to lift my mood! We spent some time complaining about our classes and/or people in our classes, but we laughed a lot and it was time well spent.

I have 5 hours of Accounting breathing down my neck and I should probably eat some of the food I brought for dinner before it starts. Ugh, wish me luck. Tuesday's courses are already shaping up to be the worst of my week! Sucky!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 45: Pencils!

Krista seriously gave me some amazing socks for Christmas! These are PENCILS! How fitting for my first day back at University. Semester #2 is now officially underway. Actually, it's officially underway for me in 32 minutes. Looking forward to it!

Today I went to work. Again, I totally missed Mallory! Work is way more fun with her there! However, I made it through the day (with my stepmom's delicious home made pizza for lunch as sustenance)! I'm now at school and ready to get this party started!

I need to heat up my soup before class starts so I really can't blog long today. Hopefully I'll do a better one tomorrow!

Okay, semester two, I'm ready for you. I've been afraid of (and dreading) you, but now you are here and I will take you on. Sharpening my pencils!


Lydia's Locks for Cancer

This is a new website and new endeavor for me. Four months of fundraising until I chop off almost all of my hair! Donate! Send encouraging comments! Whatever works for you!

I'm excited!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 44: Tetris

These socks were actually extremely hard to get on as they were excessively tight. Not too small because they fit once I got them on. I think they were just made tight rather than loose. Regardless, they are totally awesome socks because they remind me of Tetris pieces.

Today I woke up late after having dance partied it up the night previous. Krista and I sat around talking for quite a while. Then I realized what time it was and got ready to go to JT's place. I hadn't been there before and it was nice to go and chat with him and watch Planet Earth DVDs! After that Joy came over to my house and we watched a movie and I got things printed and ready for my first day back at school tomorrow.

I love that all my friends come from such different and unique walks of life. I also love that there are certain friends that I've stayed friends with throughout the years. It reminds me of that cheesy forwarded email that probably everyone has seen that talks about how some friends are around for a reason, some a season, and some a lifetime. It explains how each person has their distinct purpose and place in your life regardless of how long you know them. Reason friends are great as they help you through a hard time, or are there for a really exciting time or something big and life-changing. Season friends are there for a time when you need them (a week, a month, a few years, etc). Lifetime friends are those special friends that you can call up at any time and it's like you haven't missed a beat. Those friends you can phone at 4am, bawling your eyes out, and they'll listen to your every word. Lifetime friends are a gift that shouldn't be taken for granted. These are friendships to wholeheartedly invest in, no matter how busy your schedule.

I am thankful for all of my friends!


Day 43: Dancing Shoes!

While I had an amazing time throughout this day, my feet were preparing for the evening the whole day through.

Saturday was SUCH an interesting day. I'm going to try to do the Coles Notes version because it's 10:30pm already, I have work and school tomorrow, and I have one more blog post to do because I am behind!

Saturday early afternoon I ended up having coffee with Joy at Starbucks. While Joy was talking I noticed a guy (probably about 18-20ish in age) wave at me from where he was waiting for his drink. I smiled politely, but mentioned to Joy that I did not know who he was at all. The boy was sort of talking to himself and rocking back and forth. Once he received his drink he came and stood semi-awkwardly by our table.The conversation went like this:
Him: "Your hair."
Me: (chuckling) "Umm...what about it?"
Him: "I like it!"
Me: "Oh! Thank you!"
He then went over to the side to get a lid for his drink and came back and said "Who are you?" Me: "What do you mean?"
Him: "What's your name?"
Me: "My name is Lydia."
Him: (shakes my hand) "Hi. I'm Vaughn."
Me: "Well, it's very nice to meet you, Vaughn."
Him: "You too."
Then he left and the lady at the table beside me said, " have a fan!"

It was honestly just adorable. I think people should be bold like Vaughn and just put themselves out there - so cute!

After that Joy and I headed over to Lindsay's lingerie shower. For those that aren't aware a lingerie shower is where women bring gifts of lingerie for the bride-to-be. It was fun and really nice to see some people that I haven't seen in a while. Once that and dinner were over, I headed over to Krista's house.

Krista and I went to Randi and Nick's place for a DANCE PARTY. Saturday was my first time ever playing Kinect and it was SO fun! I totally loved it and am absolutely floored at the technology that is out now. It's come so far from when I used to play Duck Hunt on my original Nintendo in my bedroom on a humongous old TV that probably weighed 50 pounds (at least!). The dance party was totally great (think N*SYNC, Spice Girls, Lady Gaga)! I also really enjoyed the company of all of the people there! It's so fun to make new friends and get to know more people, more in depth. Very cool people, very fun time.

I am on to my blog post for Sunday!


Day 42: Penguins with Ruffles

Adorable skiing penguins with a ruffled trim.

While wearing this pair of socks I went to work without Mallory there. I was unsure of how it would go, but I feel that it ended up being alright after all. I missed her for sure though!

After work I had dinner with my family and then went over to Krista's house. We sat and talked about finances, work, school, life, etc. Krista is definitely one of my favourite people to talk things over with. She challenges me to think about my reasons for believing in things and think about different points of view. I love our friendship and wouldn't trade it for anything!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 41: Canada Moose

Sooo I'm going to pretend the last 3 days didn't happen for the blog and just start back up as if I'm on Day 41. Which means my blog will span over 368 days total, in the end!

Over the last few days I've been coughing, hacking, sneezing, blowing my nose, and all the many other joys of having a common cold. Frustrating, to say the least. I had been planning to work Tuesday to Friday this week and my employer had graciously agreed to allow me to work the extra hours. In actuality I was only able to work 3 hours on Tuesday as I was so sick. I didn't work at all on Wednesday as the cold got even worse that day. It sucked! I was bored at home with no energy to do anything. Today I worked a full day and will again tomorrow so thankfully I only lost an hour's worth of work from my regular part time schedule.

Tonight for dinner my family and I went to a newer place in Calgary called Five Guys Burgers and Fries. It was actually not bad. My stomach is a little upset now, but it tasted good!

I'm officially losing steam after a full day so I am going to go and have a nice hot bath!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A hold!

I have to put a hold on the blog for a few days here. I have a terrible cold. As I type this all the words swim together so I can't  imagine i'll be a very effective blogger at the moment. I shall reconvene once I'm feeling better and the letters form distinct words instead of a big mess.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 40: Brown with Multicoloured Stripes

I really like these socks with their two-tone multicoloured stripes. I think they are pretty neat and like an unattached rainbow of sorts.

Today I had to go back to the mall to exchange the feety pajamas I bought yesterday. I bought a Medium (which I had tried on in a different colour) and when I got home they didn't even do up. Really uplifting for the confidence. Today when I went to exchange them they said that a few had been marked wrong by their supplier. So the tag on the inside and the outside of the pajamas said they were a Medium when they were in fact an Xtra Small. Confidence booster! Unfortunately they didn't have the colour I originally wanted (green and purple plaid) so I opted to get classic red and black plaid. It reminds me of my late Papa's coat when he would work on the farm in Quebec. Nothing can beat fond memories of family members.

Totally unrelated, but as I was driving home from the mall I was thinking about how the first part of a new relationship is really exciting! I'm not experiencing this now, but I definitely remember those moments from past relationships. It's fun to look back and remember the butterflies in your stomach--nervous to call--heart beating faster--can't even eat I'm so excited--feelings of a new relationship. To have the ability to bottle the feelings of this time could be disastrous. Imagine if everyone was lovesick all the time? No one would ever get any work done. I'm thankful that these emotions and feelings happen, but I'm also thankful that they fade to the more comfortable, used to each other, stage.

I am ready for sleeping. I developed a dry cough today and I'm hoping with all the water I drank and a good night's sleep that it won't be hanging on tomorrow!



Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 39: Brown, Tan, and Purple/Pink

I decided to not stress over which socks should be worn on the all important first day of the year. I chose these ones simply because they went with the shirt I chose to wear today. Last night I was contemplating that I'm not sure I like the sound of 2011. The reason is that I don't like uneven numbers. Very strange, I know, but I like to count things. When I count things, if it ends on an uneven number I will continue to count other things until it ends on an even number. Quite possibly an obsessive-compulsive person in the making. Eek.

Anyways, today Amy made me and Rachael waffles for breakfast, which was really awesome of her! Then we hit up a Starbucks for some caffeine.

After this I spent a chunk of time on the internet trying to figure out points on my credit card and flights for the next time I can maybe come out to BC! I totally love that with my credit card I can book tickets with any airline at any time and get the tickets basically for free. You have to pay the taxes, so it's not totally free, but still considerably cheaper. I dislike though that with Aeroplan miles you can only fly certain airlines (Air Canada) and they really limit the flights you can take. I think that is so annoying. Why bother giving the points out if they make it so frustrating and difficult to redeem them? I suppose I can't really complain though considering the amount of flights I've taken for extremely cheap because of points.

My Mom and I went to the mall for a short time this afternoon and I bought feety pajamas!!! I have wanted a pair ever since I grew out of mine when I was about 7. I was so excited that Rachael mentioned a store she saw that sold them. They are amazing. They are light purple and light green plaid and I CAN'T WAIT to wear them to bed tonight. I will be so comfy and cozy. They will possibly solidify my singlehood for even longer considering their lack of 'sexy', but I don't even care. I'm choosing to take comfort over sex appeal. YES!

We had a family dinner tonight and my Nana made delicious lasagna and caesar salad for us all. My Mom made some more of her delicious bread. It was an excellent meal and it was nice to gather with family around.

I hope that this year is filled with family, friends, easy marking professors, a wickedly good co-op summer placement, and maybe even a possible love interest (?)! Haha...we'll see what 2011 holds for me.

Happy 2011 Everyone! I'm looking forward to a new year filled with more fabulous experiences!


Day 38: Skulls & Crossbones feat. Hearts

Yesterday was a bittersweet day. I started my day off by running some errands with my lovely Mom. That was one of the sweet parts. The most bittersweet part was seeing my little love, Pekoe, again before I leave in a couple days. I won't see him again now until the next time I visit BC. It's very hard to say goodbye (again), but I'm so glad that I was able to see him a couple of times while I've been here. He is very special to me. I know he is in good, capable, hands though. He is happy where he is. My Mom took a bunch of pictures of him while we were together. A couple of those pics:
Little Monster in the kitchen. 

Out on the road together. I will certainly miss him!

After seeing Pekoe Liz dropped off some socks for me -- and a sock monkey! I am super grateful for all the socks I've been given over this Christmas season. It helps me a lot!

For New Years I spent the evening at Amy's with Amy, Rachael and Tara. We ate pizza and played games (Scattergories, What's Yours Like?, and Catchphrase). Then we cheers-ed each other at midnight and watched Bridget Jones' Diary! It was a low-key evening spent with great friends and I totally enjoyed it. 

Ok now on to my blog for today...