Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 61: Strawberry Shortcake (round two)

I call this round two because when I was in BC at Christmas Amy gave these socks to me. They came in a two-pack and I already wore the other pair. I'm not cheating and wearing the same pair twice!

Today I went to school and got out of class super early. I wasn't needed at work so I had a free afternoon. I came home and my stepbrother took me out to Peters' Drive In for lunch. He even bought it for me! What a gentlemanly younger brother I have! He bought it because he keeps kicking me out of the house last minute when he needs to record something, and I always oblige. After lunch I went out for coffee with a friend and had a great time! We went to a cafe that I have never been to before in downtown Calgary. I was led to believe that there was some crazy, awesome story about the name of the place, but I soon found out it just meant "coffee" in Polish. Not nearly as exciting as I anticipated. Regardless, it was fun!

When I got home from coffee there was a package waiting for me! I absolutely LOVE getting mail. This was no exception. It was a package that my Mom sent me that originally came from my favourite person in Nebraska! When I opened the box there was a nice little note from my Mom with a present from her trip to Nuevo Vallarta in January (thanks Mommy it goes perfectly in my beach themed bedroom!!). There were three pairs of socks from one of my coworkers in BC (thanks Lauralynn!) and then there were TWENTY pairs of socks from the Nebraskiner? Nebraskinite? Nebraskonian? The best person ever from Nebraska? Anyways, as if the twenty pairs of socks weren't enough, she also sent me some lovely purple christmas ornaments (it was a late christmas present thanks to the US/Canadian postal services), and there was also a Coach keychain that matches a Coach purse that was given to me as a present a few months ago by another friend. Amazing package, to say the least!

This package totally got me all excited! I officially have 23 more pairs of socks. I should count soon and see how many I have waiting to be worn. I can't wait to show you all some of these new ones!

After an evening of studying, I am ready for bed. Bellyfit tomorrow. I'll try to contain my giggles 100% this time.


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  1. Awwwwwww, you made me smile again....and being your favourite person in Nebraska means all the much more when favourite is spelled the Canadian way:)


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