Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 59: Princess

Princess socks! How appropriate for a princess such as myself. I totally slacked on writing my blog yesterday so I am writing it for yesterday, today.

Yesterday (all my troubles seemed so far away...?). Kidding! Yesterday I worked most of the day and then I had school in the evening. It was a fairly uneventful day because nothing crazy or groundbreaking happened or came up.

I just want to tell you all though how much I have been enjoying my Compensation and Benefits class. According to my coop coordinator it is one of those hit or miss classes, meaning you generally either like it or hate it. I am so thankful that I like it!

After class last night I went home and got all my stuff ready for Dodgeball, which is happening tonight. Oh my gosh, I don't think I ever blogged that I have joined a dodgeball team! We're in rec league dodgeball and it's super fun! Every Tuesday night, for an hour, for the next 10-ish weeks will be spent in elementary school gyms throwing balls at other people and having balls thrown at me (and the rest of the team). I'm pretty excited about it. Last week was my first game and while I didn't get anyone out, I managed to stay in alright by dodging the ball for the most part. I need to work on my catching and my throwing pretty badly considering I hadn't played since high school -- and even then I wasn't really any good. Practice is what I need!


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