Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 53: Converse All-Stars

Aren't these amazing?? They look just like my real purple Converse All-Stars, except they are SOCKS. Thanks, Krista!!!

Today I start with a question: COULD THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE?
Realistically, probably yes. Does it feel like it right at this moment? No.

This morning Pekoe got dropped off at the vet by my Mom in BC to have his tumour on his back biopsied. They removed it and it was only skin deep so it was not a difficult procedure for them. I will know in two days time whether his tumour is cancerous or not. I'm really hoping not. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers! I can't bear to have something happen to him. He's my favourite little monkey ever.

After that news I headed to school. As has been happening in recent days, when I got into the Mount Royal parking lot and was driving slowly around hoping for a parking spot to open up, my car kept stalling. I drive an automatic so it's not that I'm just a crappy driver. It will be running along fine and then...dead. Thankfully it's only been happening in the Mount Royal parking lot, but at the same time it's very strange that this is the case. It happened three times yesterday evening, and then twice this morning! So frustrating! Needless to say, I missed my Stats class because I knew this needed to be looked at right away. At least looked at before my car dies randomly on some main road. But missing 2 hours of Stats is a lot of Stats to miss, especially when I already suck at that class and am not mathematically inclined in that way.

Mallory is AMAZING and has lent me her car for the next day so I can go about my life while my car is being looked at and possibly worked on. Thank goodness for life saver friends such as her!

I feel that with my accounting course, my dog, and now my car, that life can only get better from here (knock on wood!). Tonight I have my first dodgeball game as a part of 'TEAM TEAM'. I bought my yellow shirt and I'm ready to rock it! Maybe I can take out some pent up frustration on the other team? Watch out! Either that or I'll end up in the fetal position, crying. We'll see how it pans out.


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