Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 52: Zebra Stripes

I bought these beauties at Jacob in Pacific Centre in downtown Vancouver. I thought they were adorable with the animal print! No Zebras died in the making of these socks. At least I don't think so.

I was thinking a lot today about how much I love quizzes and any sort of questions that seem unusual or out of the ordinary. I am totally a sucker for those email quizzes that people used to send around when I was in high school. Now people send them on Facebook, and I'm still a sucker for them there. To be honest, a lot of the time I will do the quiz even if I don't send it to anyone after or post it in my Facebook notes.

Top Ten Things About Yourself - yes, please!
You Life According to iTunes- oh, can I?!
Every Detail About Your Boring Life, Ever - sign me up!

I suppose I've always been interested in finding out more things about myself. Or maybe I'm just narcissistic enough that I like to read my own answers -- especially when they're witty! Or possibly it all stems from when I was a teenager and there were those ads in magazines like 'Seventeen' that were for American Express credit cards. They would ask a famous person about 5 questions, generally really random and unusual ones. It looked like the answers were in their actual writing. I used to write out what my answers would be to the same questions because I thought it was fun.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons I'm going into Human Resources. In this field I get to create interview questions. And since I'm creating them I should have an idea of what a good answer would look like. I find it all very fascinating just how different people are and how differently we can each take the same question.

If you ever come across a really fun and interesting quiz, send it my way! I'll totally do it, even if you don't know!



  1. These socks match my zebra theme bathroo.....so hang on to them and when you FINALLY have an HR job and some money and vacation time so you can come visit, you can wear them:)

    I love quizzes too and love how from day to day my answers totally vary for the same quiz depending on my mood!!!

  2. ***that should say bathroom...guess I should proofread!


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