Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 58: Bright Blue

I've had these little socks for a while now. I got them in a pack of ridiculously bright coloured socks from H&M. That store has great, cheap accessories!

I must say I am running on quite little sleep today as I was up super late last night.

I have a question:

Do you think that some people have a larger capacity to love than others? I have been thinking lately about this and was reminded again last night when an "I have never" question was posed as, "I have never loved someone more than they loved me." I have definitely been in that boat before. It made me wonder if some people just find loving easier than others do? I think there are certain types of people that can 'fall in love' with just about anyone, if they are determined enough to do it. There's also people that easily fall in love, not because of determination, it's just their nature. These are the people that can love someone new every week. And then there are those that love is a slow, gradual building process that starts with friendship and trust. I know that I can't judge someone else's heart and how they truly feel, but I feel sad for people that don't seem to really be in love. Some people might be content with this because security and comfort is more important to them than passion and deep-rooted love and understanding of one another.

I just really pray that won't be the case in my relationship(s). I want to feel passionate about the person I'm with. I want people to be able to tell that we are crazy about each other. I want to try to understand them and how they work so we can work well together as a team. I want to have such a deep connection through love that life without them is unfathomable.

I never want to settle for safety and security, without love. To me, a life without love is empty.


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