Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 64: Spongebob Squarepants

These socks actually made me laugh when I saw them. They are so cute! This is my first pair (of 23) that Nici sent me. I used them on a good day too!

Saturday was one of those days where I had great intentions of doing a lot of homework, but ended up completely slacking off instead. I woke up and my Dad and Stepmom were cleaning out the office, which is the room that my bedroom shares a wall with. In order to avoid the noise of that I figured I needed to study elsewhere. Since Calgary weather decided to dump a whole bunch of snow the night before (and continuing into that day) I figured it was safer to study at Krista's during the day since our girls night, affectionately known as 'Vagina Night', was to be held at her place that evening. If I went there to study that was one less car trip I had to make from somewhere else on the terrible snowy roads.

Again, really good intentions. I went to get some wine and stopped at the grocery store and took my sweet time looking around in there. When it comes to snack food I can be really indecisive sometimes. After that I figured I needed some lunch, so I went to Subway. By the time I got to Krista's house it was already almost 1pm. Krista came home about 10 minutes after I got there so we chatted a bit. I finally cracked a book and did some reading. But then, Krista introduced me to the hilarious British television series, Gavin and Stacey. I love this show. The couple are so completely adorable and the supporting cast are absolutely hilarious, and each in their own way. I don't think there were any scenes where I didn't laugh out loud. Poor Krista was trying to nap while I was laughing like a fool downstairs and watching the entire first season (6 episodes)!

Krista and I made some yummy dinner together and then it was V-Night! We played Catchphrase, ate some healthy snacks, some junky snacks and had really good chats about anything and everything. Such girls. It was perfect. I totally adore each of the girls that were there and all that they shared and brought to the group. Girls are just amazing creatures with such grace and heart and it totally amazes me how our personalities can be so different from one another, but can just mesh sometimes. Girls night was much needed and should definitely happen again soon!


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