Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 45: Pencils!

Krista seriously gave me some amazing socks for Christmas! These are PENCILS! How fitting for my first day back at University. Semester #2 is now officially underway. Actually, it's officially underway for me in 32 minutes. Looking forward to it!

Today I went to work. Again, I totally missed Mallory! Work is way more fun with her there! However, I made it through the day (with my stepmom's delicious home made pizza for lunch as sustenance)! I'm now at school and ready to get this party started!

I need to heat up my soup before class starts so I really can't blog long today. Hopefully I'll do a better one tomorrow!

Okay, semester two, I'm ready for you. I've been afraid of (and dreading) you, but now you are here and I will take you on. Sharpening my pencils!


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