Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 44: Tetris

These socks were actually extremely hard to get on as they were excessively tight. Not too small because they fit once I got them on. I think they were just made tight rather than loose. Regardless, they are totally awesome socks because they remind me of Tetris pieces.

Today I woke up late after having dance partied it up the night previous. Krista and I sat around talking for quite a while. Then I realized what time it was and got ready to go to JT's place. I hadn't been there before and it was nice to go and chat with him and watch Planet Earth DVDs! After that Joy came over to my house and we watched a movie and I got things printed and ready for my first day back at school tomorrow.

I love that all my friends come from such different and unique walks of life. I also love that there are certain friends that I've stayed friends with throughout the years. It reminds me of that cheesy forwarded email that probably everyone has seen that talks about how some friends are around for a reason, some a season, and some a lifetime. It explains how each person has their distinct purpose and place in your life regardless of how long you know them. Reason friends are great as they help you through a hard time, or are there for a really exciting time or something big and life-changing. Season friends are there for a time when you need them (a week, a month, a few years, etc). Lifetime friends are those special friends that you can call up at any time and it's like you haven't missed a beat. Those friends you can phone at 4am, bawling your eyes out, and they'll listen to your every word. Lifetime friends are a gift that shouldn't be taken for granted. These are friendships to wholeheartedly invest in, no matter how busy your schedule.

I am thankful for all of my friends!



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