Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 39: Brown, Tan, and Purple/Pink

I decided to not stress over which socks should be worn on the all important first day of the year. I chose these ones simply because they went with the shirt I chose to wear today. Last night I was contemplating that I'm not sure I like the sound of 2011. The reason is that I don't like uneven numbers. Very strange, I know, but I like to count things. When I count things, if it ends on an uneven number I will continue to count other things until it ends on an even number. Quite possibly an obsessive-compulsive person in the making. Eek.

Anyways, today Amy made me and Rachael waffles for breakfast, which was really awesome of her! Then we hit up a Starbucks for some caffeine.

After this I spent a chunk of time on the internet trying to figure out points on my credit card and flights for the next time I can maybe come out to BC! I totally love that with my credit card I can book tickets with any airline at any time and get the tickets basically for free. You have to pay the taxes, so it's not totally free, but still considerably cheaper. I dislike though that with Aeroplan miles you can only fly certain airlines (Air Canada) and they really limit the flights you can take. I think that is so annoying. Why bother giving the points out if they make it so frustrating and difficult to redeem them? I suppose I can't really complain though considering the amount of flights I've taken for extremely cheap because of points.

My Mom and I went to the mall for a short time this afternoon and I bought feety pajamas!!! I have wanted a pair ever since I grew out of mine when I was about 7. I was so excited that Rachael mentioned a store she saw that sold them. They are amazing. They are light purple and light green plaid and I CAN'T WAIT to wear them to bed tonight. I will be so comfy and cozy. They will possibly solidify my singlehood for even longer considering their lack of 'sexy', but I don't even care. I'm choosing to take comfort over sex appeal. YES!

We had a family dinner tonight and my Nana made delicious lasagna and caesar salad for us all. My Mom made some more of her delicious bread. It was an excellent meal and it was nice to gather with family around.

I hope that this year is filled with family, friends, easy marking professors, a wickedly good co-op summer placement, and maybe even a possible love interest (?)! Haha...we'll see what 2011 holds for me.

Happy 2011 Everyone! I'm looking forward to a new year filled with more fabulous experiences!


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