Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 51: Gingerbread People

These are the socks I wore yesterday (Sunday). I pulled them out of my freakishly organized sock drawer and wasn't happy that there was little gingerbread guys on the back of them. I have realized I don't like socks with these types of things on them. Luckily when I put my shoes on to go to Ladies Society breakfast one of them fell off. I touched the other one to see if it was still on and it fell off in my hand. Problem solved. No uncomfortable gingerbread men on my feet!

Ladies Society breakfast was great. This week we decided to make 'French' cuisine. We made mini quiches, had fresh fruit, bought fresh croissants (we're not THAT adventurous to make them ourselves), and also threw in some apple sauce for good measure. It was really lovely. Except for when my poor little ladies society teacup was massacred by Joy and her brute strength. Okay, I'm being dramatic. But she did break the handle of it off while washing it. It was hilarious how it all went really slow motion style. The room happened to go quiet and immediately after we all heard a snap. Joy gasped and I turned to look. I saw the broken pieces of the cup. I yelled, "nooooooo, what did you do to my cup?!?!?!" and Joy just yelled...out loud....for a long time, in return. So I joined her in yelling for a bit. We figure the neighbours upstairs at Kristin and Ashley's place were probably wondering what was going on. Anyways, I eventually got over it. But if anyone happens to have a teacup with a light blue pattern, let me know! I need to replace mine! And I'm specific with the light blue because then it will semi-match the saucer that I still have.

After that I studied at Starbucks for a long while, got a free coffee because they messed up my drink, got a bunch of stuff done, more stuff organized, etc. Then I went to church. It had been a while since I'd been to that church and it was really nice to get back into it!

Time to eat a little before my HR class tonight. Will write my blog post for today later on.


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