Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 60: Blue and Purple Stripes

Tuesday was such a wonderful day! These socks must be good luck, in most ways.

I got up early and went to school to finish the last bits of a paper that was due Wednesday morning. I got that done. I then got 100% on my first Statistics quiz. Then I met with my coop coordinator and found out that although I do actually have to extend my degree by one semester, I am really looking forward to my coop work terms! I am so excited that I will actually be enjoying the opportunity to work within my field of study. After this I found out that my school refunded my Accounting tuition. So that's $500 off my VISA bill. I loved this day!

Tuesday evening was dodgeball (as I mentioned in my last post). Krista came home to her house after work and I was studying there. Pre-arranged deal. I'm not a total creep. She made me dinner like any good housewife does and it was delicious!! We then headed off to dodgeball.

Dodgeball was, in a word, embarrassing. We mercied in the first 23 minutes of playing. Which means (I think?) that we lost 7 games in a row. In 23 minutes. Kind of one of those things that reminds me of why I was always picked last for team sports in high school gym. The team we played was intense. There was one guy on the team that could jump like friggin' Shaquille O'Neal. He was ridiculous. Maybe if I could jump like that it would have helped our team. I am actually crying I'm laughing so hard right now because I just pictured the whole team as being able to jump like that and thought it would be hilarious. Like wack-a-mole! Hahahaha. Okay, I'm done that. I was also impressed with the throwing ability of the opposing team. We have a few strong throwers, a few strong catchers and a few strong dodgers. The other team seemed to all be able to throw, catch and dodge -- even the girls!

Last night the team was also no stranger to injuries. The already beaten and stitched Kyle threw out his back. Allie and Andrew both got balls to the face. And Krista. Poor, sweet Krista. Krista had a ball thrown at her with such force that when it hit her...(in the boob!!)...she had an instant giant red/purpley welt. That girl is a champ!

Team Team is full of welts, bumps, bruises, and sores. But we will rally. And the next team should be afraid. We clearly have a lot of pent up pain and frustration to let loose next time! Let's go Team Team Victory!



  1. The other team seemed to all be able to throw, catch and dodge -- even the girls! <--- dont make me go feminist on you to Clam! <3 dictator


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