Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 66: Naughty and Nice

These socks are from Nici and they are HILARIOUS! I absolutely love the gingerbread man with his head off. Maybe I'm leaning more towards the 'naughty' side today?

Commence rant:

Who in their right mind wears bright yellow sweatpants? I am sitting at school and there is a guy across the room that is wearing them. As he walked in I looked up from my Facebooking to see the horrible sight of yellow sweatpants covering his legs. Disgusting. Now, to be fair, I'm not even a big fan of sweatpants in the first place. I feel like they are barely a step above pajamas and should be saved for a) sleeping, b) exercising, c) lazing around at home, or maybe d) dodgeball since yellow is Team Team's colour. Sweatpants and pajamas should not be worn in public unless required (aka you are on your way to a sweatpants or pajama party, and stops should not be made along the way). With a hate on for sweats already maybe it was only natural that I would be so appalled by this young gentleman's choice of attire. But really...yellow?!

When I was in Elementary School there was a boy in my class that wore yellow sweatpants about once a week. I will [potentially] save his pride by not posting his name on the internet. Actually, I don't even remember his last name. But I certainly remember his first name because the only thing that made the yellow sweatpants worse was that his Mom had written his name on the tag in permanent marker. His sweatpants were a tad big and his pants would roll down a little bit; since he sat in front of me I could always see his name displayed there, in capital letters, on the tag of his hideously ugly pants, like he was proud to call them his own.

I have no idea if the guy across the room has his name somewhere on his pants too. And trust me, I won't find out.

Rant end.



  1. I read yellow sweat pants and thought... I WANT SOME FOR DODGEBALL! I'm glad you excluded this use in your rant.

  2. Your mom needs to tell you about our near death experience and my comment that followed..I am thinking this blog is so fitting, and yes the Naughty side of Lydia was brought out with the socks!


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