Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 67: Team Team Yellow and Neon

The yellow reminded me of Team Team so I thought tonight would be an appropriate night to bust these babies out. Let's go Team Team for a Dodgeball win tonight! We are going up against the last team in the league...so we better win!!

Unfortunately our game tonight is not until 930pm, which is like half an hour before I usually go to bed. I am practically a Grandma on weeknights! And yet on the weekend I stay up until 3am and am totally functional the day after, provided I sleep in a little bit.

Krista and I are starting to take turns on Tuesday nights, making each other dinner before dodgeball. Today was my night and I made some actually delicious (and fairly healthy!) pasta:

I need to go and listen to some wonderful music that Krista is playing for me. We are sharing music together and then going to head to dodgeball.


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