Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 82: Multi-coloured hearts

Kate got me these socks! The problem with socks is that I seem to love them almost every day. People are just too good at picking out socks for me that they know I'll like!

So because I forgot in the last post to put the picture of the dinner I made for Krista and her brother, Kyle on Tuesday night before dodgeball, here it is:

It's a healthy chicken stir fry! I made the sauce from scratch with a recipe that my Stepmom had and it turned out pretty yummy. I'm a big fan of day old stirfry that's had a chance to sit in all the juices so the leftovers were even more delightful!

I thought it would be fitting to put this picture on a day where I wore socks from Kate. Kate is an amazing cook. She can take boring ingredients and make something amazing, pretty much every time. When I first started nannying I would have to call her to ask her questions about cooking (ie. How do you wash a mushroom? How do you reheat pork roast on the stove?, etc.) I feel a little bit silly admitting that, but I honestly didn't know!! And Kate saved the day! I love her to pieces!


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