Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 68: Neon Argyle

These socks are another pair from Nici! They are so bright and colourful and pretty!

Wednesday's are generally a crazy day for me because I have school and then work right after. I was up bright and early for class today, which was a bit difficult since our dodgeball game was a late one last night. Scratch that. I can't blame dodgeball for the fact that when Krista and I got back to her house I gave her a fashion show. The fashion show was of clothes that Randi gave me, since she's too small for them now! Yay for generous friends like Randi! I gained 3 pairs of pants, a pair of capris, 2 shirts (probably summertime ones), and 1 jacket. A couple of the pairs of pants juuuust fit right now. I hope I don't shrink out of them too quickly (although, secretly, I kind of hope I shrink out of most of my clothes quickly)! Anyways we were up late due to my fashion show and that caused tiredness this morning.

After school today I went to work. I got to hang out with the cutest puppy! Her name is Tinkerbell and she's our Estimator's new little one:

Little Tinkerbell and Me!

Last night I spoke of dodgeball and that since we were playing the last team in the league that we should be able to pull out a win. Well...WE DID! GO TEAM TEAM! It actually ended up being a really close game, which automatically made the entire experience more fun. If the teams are fairly closely matched in skill level it makes it a lot more exciting! I have my first serious battle scar from dodgeball. I knew as soon as that ball connected with my skin there would be a bruise there today. The 3 inch-ish circular bruise on my calf did not disappoint. It's a nice bright blue colour at the moment and will likely turn all kinds of fun shades before disappearing!

Off to bed now, like the Grandma I am. :)


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