Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 84: Checker board (and neon)

Really? What is a checkerboard without some neon?

Friday was my last day of school before reading break. And my last water workout for two weeks. When reading break happens all the fitness classes are cancelled for that week. I think that kind of sucks, but I suppose the instructors appreciate breaks too. I think Joy and I are going to find a couple fitness classes to attend this week somewhere else though. That will be good. I don't want to get out of the swing of working out, because my will power has always been pretty much zero and I'm afraid if I stop, I won't start again!

Maybe I'll google what some of the leisure centres have going on this week. I've been really enjoying working out twice a week in a class format. I'm sure next fall I will do the same. Hopefully I can do an evening class or two throughout the summer as well. Or maybe a weekend class? It's hard to imagine that I'll be working full time in the summer instead of doing school work. I am really excited to have solid paycheques again though! Annnd I already have one interview for a summer position booked. Here's to hoping for a few more too!


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