Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 80: Pepé Le Pew & hearts

My Nana gave me these adorable socks at Christmas and told me to save them for Valentine's Day! So I did!

How ironic that just last week my car got skunked and now, I wear the socks with a skunk on them. But it's not any old skunk. It's Pepé Le Pew! He is from Looney Tunes for those that don't know. He is hilarious and always in love! Maybe my Nana thought these socks would bring me some love?

Well, they brought me work, a midterm and chocolate. The midterm went quite well though, and the chocolate was a wonderful treat afterwards. The midterm was in Compensation and Benefits. It was mainly about management styles, behaviour theories and generational characteristics. Some might think that sounds boring, but I actually find it all very interesting. Next up, learning about how to decide how much people get paid. I am officially a comp. and ben. nerd! I'm hooked. So maybe I did find love after all.


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