Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 81: Orange striped knee highs

These are 80's cool. Wonderful, stripey socks!

Tuesday at dodgeball we didn't win, but we did win 5 games and the other team won more. I can't remember how many now. Maybe 10 games? Anyways, we played fairly decent, actually. The other team had these people that were pretty scary. At one point one of the (ridiculously strong) girls on the team yelled from the bench to her team about me and said, "Scare her!!!" as she pointed at me. I guess because I scream when I get hit? I don't know. I try not to, but I just seem to squeal/scream every time! Despite the screaming, I seem to be slowly getting a bit better at dodgeball. I still can't throw worth crap, but I have managed to dodge a lot of balls recently. Next time we play (in two weeks) I think I'll really try to work on my catching!


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