Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 73: Frogs

Coincidentally, the blurriness of this photo actually epitomizes my day quite well.

The entire day today went by so quickly that I barely even remember what happened. I know I went to work. I know I went to school. All the little details other than that have pretty much escaped me.

Actually, that's not true. Today at work Mallory was talking about how she had hit her head really hard while doing laundry last night. I have a similar experience almost weekly in my basement when I do my laundry too. We have huge heating ducts...haha...that's a total guess as to what those things are...anyways, we have these huge metal things that come down from the ceiling and they come down low enough that if I don't crouch a little, I will hit my head on them. Many times I have turned and swung the side of my head full force into the duct/vent/whatever it's called metal thingy. Only once have I teared up because it hurt so badly.

Tonight when I arrived at school, I was getting my backpack out of the backseat of my car. I reached into the back seat and as I brought my head back I hit it on the plastic seat belt holder that sticks out of the side of my driver's seat. I can't even pretend it didn't hurt really badly. I have actually had a headache since then!

What I have learned today: I am not very aware of the size of my own head.

Is it legitimately large and conspicuous or am I just clumsy? I'm hoping it's the latter.


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  1. Maybe your blog next year needs to 365 days of helmets;)


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