Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 72: Neon Hearts

This past week I've had a lot of neon in my life! And I've pretty much loved it.

As I'm sitting here all bundled up in my duvet, contemplating sleeping, I'm looking over at my open closet and am reminded of the time in my life when I was much too terrified to sleep with my closet door open. I remember being small and being so afraid of my clothes at night time. I have always had quite a vivid imagination, so as a child I always pictured people standing in my closet, rather than seeing the clothes hanging there. It scared me enough that if I had forgotten to close the closet doors, no matter how comfy I was in bed, I would get up and shut them. It freaked me out to think of the people huddled closely together in my closet. It doesn't bother me as much anymore considering I fall asleep so fast that I don't even have time to think about what's in my closet. However, I was reminded of this childhood fear when I went to see the movie 'I Am Legend' a few years ago, with a group of friends. If you haven't seen the movie, I won't spoil it. There is a part though where you quickly see a flash of what appears to be a whole bunch of people huddled in a room. I was instantly terrified. It was one of my biggest childhood fears being portrayed in a flash of a scene in a movie.

My friends sort of laughed at me at the time, but when the movie was over and we were standing in the lobby discussing it -- I burst into tears.  I was mortified that I was crying, especially as a grown woman, but I could not stop. The movie evoked such fear in me that it was like being eight years old again and fighting with my imagination to stop playing games with me.

I definitely did not enjoy that movie and won't watch it again.


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