Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 89: N is for Nebraska

I was all sorts of confused on Wednesday as I was wearing Nebraska socks while wearing a Canadian Olympic Hoodie. I feel though that I captured the essence of Nici (the Nebraska sock gifter) by doing just that. She is an American that would likely wear Canadian pride more outwardly than she would even wear her American pride!

Patriotism is very interesting to me. I found it strange while travelling in the States to see such overwhelming patriotism. Think: American flags on at least one house on most streets, flags in stores, American themed drinks/meals, etc.

I feel that Canadians talk the talk of patriotism a lot of the time, while Americans blatantly, and unapologetically, walk the walk. Maybe this is something we could adopt more as Canadians? Then again, maybe it's too much? I'm not sure, but there is something comforting to me in the thought of people backing their country and being proud of where they come from.

Hooray for Canada. That includes Québec.

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  1. I love that you sported Team Canada and Team Huskers simultaneously (even though I am NOT a Husker fan)! If you think Americans go overboard with their Patriotism, you ought to see Husker Christmas, the lit up Red N's adorn lawns, roofs, windows and are more commonly found than decorated trees. The majority of people around here that have red automobiles (except me) purchased them not because they happen to like the colour red, but because it is the colour of the Huskers. Game day is the best day to eat out or go shopping because everybody is huddled up in front of a television....I had never seen such madness before I moved to this state and hence why I have never and will never ever be a Husker fan:)

    Not like any of that really matters, but seeing the Red N's made me freak out....I love how fitting your blog was on more than one level:)

    Now donate those socks to charity!!!

    From the one whose Canucks and Team Canada gear outnumbers my American gear by a long shot;)


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