Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 90: Purple Bows

These are purple, though they look more brown or black in the picture. I truly am not a photographer.

Thursday rekindled my love for my MacBook Pro, as well as my love for James Franco.

Krista bought a brand new MacBook Pro and she and I totally geeked out on our respective computers, while sitting side by side on a loveseat. We basically snuggled while showing each other how to do certain things on our laptops. We even played animated hangman. And lost on purpose, just to see how he died. Morbid, I know.

Krista's desktop background was a super sexy picture of John Mayer and that got me thinking it was time to change my own desktop background. Instead of the adorable frog that said "wanna smooch?", I now have an even more adorable picture of James Franco, smiling his beautiful crinkly smile and holding a cup of coffee. When looking at it, it feels like he's right there, just chatting over a cup of coffee.

I clearly need to get out more.



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  2. No you don't! You need to stay in, in the warmth. Snuggling with me and our hot desktop backgrounds and awesome matching laptops.


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