Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 85: Pink & Black Stripes

These socks were really soft and comfortable!

Saturday was a fabulous day! I slept from midnight until 11am. I got up for an hour and then fell asleep on the couch from 12 to 1pm. So much sleep! It was wonderful.

Saturday night I served at a wedding with some friends. It was really fun and some extra money, which is always awesome. Apparently they do them almost every weekend in the summer so I may be able to keep making extra money, which would be really helpful being a student and all.

After serving I went out for drinks with a couple friends to a place that none of us had ever been before. It was really fun, except we didn't get there until 11pm so getting a table at that point was a little hard, but we managed it eventually. Then we didn't realize right beside our table was the 'dance floor' when the band starting playing so I had drunk people all up in my space trying to show their moves off to their friends and/or love interests. It was joyous. All three of us ladies also came to the conclusion that if we are single at the age of anywhere above 40 we will probably not go out partying and picking up younger men. Wait, did I just say that? I love younger men. But seriously, there has to be a cut-off. Show some class ladies!


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