Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 83: Naughty is the new Nice

These socks = hilariously cute. If you can't see it, the n for naughty has devil horns and the n for nice has a halo.

I wore these socks on Thursday and really had a pretty good day. I spent the day at work and then went to Bellyfit in the evening with Joy. It was a sweet class. She called it 'Tribal Bellydancing' and it was a lot of crazy weird moves we've never done before, but they were super fun. For our cool down we did yoga and that was also great. I haven't ever done yoga, so that was fun!!

I am housesitting right now and last night I was all freaked out. When the house makes creaky noises it tends to sound like someone is walking around upstairs and it scares me every time. I contemplated sleeping with the light on, which is really funny considering I lived on my own for a year and a half and was only scared a couple times. Maybe just one day of freaking out and then I'll be over it? :) Hopefully! Man, I'm such a baby.

Apparently my nice side overruled my naughty side.


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