Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 76: Purple

Purple. My fave.

Thursday I had a semi-boring day at work because Mallory wasn't there. She took the day off to go and get a tattoo -- which is a gorgeous one, by the way!

After work Joy and I went to Bellyfit. It was really fun. I wasn't feeling super pumped on going before we got there, but I knew that I really needed to work off that donut I had eaten earlier in the day. I gave it my all at Bellyfit last night and it wasn't pretty. I was sweating like mad. A good thing, probably, but still really gross.

After Bellyfit Joy and I were both starving so we decided to do a date night together, just for fun! It was really nice and now I'm looking forward to seeing her for Lindsay and John's wedding on Saturday!

Ok I need a nap before I tackle some homework. Literally just fell asleep as I was typing this.


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