Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 77: Stars

Starting to think my socks from Nici are bad luck...

For those that didn't receive a text from me today about my morning, I shall explain.

I was up at 5:15am this morning to do my deep water bootcamp workout. On my way there (at about 5:30am) I turned into the alley by my house to take my favourite shortcut out of the community I live in. As I turned into the alley I saw a skunk. It was right in front of me, so I drove over it. I know that sounds like I hurt it, but I didn't. I literally drove right over top of it and the car didn't make contact with the skunk. My car, however, did get sprayed. How does this even happen? Why was I the lucky one? Instantly my car filled with the most horrific smell I've ever encountered. Seriously, I don't think I've ever smelt anything so overwhelmingly disgusting. The scent was so strong that I could taste it. So I spent the whole drive to school gagging, basically.

Kate picked me up in the school parking lot. I hopped in her car and she says, "Ummm, were you smoking pot in your car this morning?" to which I replied, "Oh nooooo you can smell it on me!" and explained the story of driving over top of the skunk.

My car interior still smells (about 19 hours later). Not nearly as bad as first thing this morning, but there is still an unpleasant odour that can be noticed upon first entry into the car.

Let's hope that tomorrow I avoid any unpleasant mishaps with poor, unsuspecting creatures.


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  1. Hey don't go blaming my socks!!! I blame Canadian Customs who obviously held onto those socks for days or should I say weeks....I am pretty sure they have something against socks from your favourite Nebraskan (or Nebraskonian or Nebraskanite) and they most likely sprinkled bad luck all over them to make me look bad! Had I thrown in one of my many pairs of Canucks socks, they would have never even considered doing such a thing as they would have just assumed I was a Canadian on holiday in Nebraska (because that is the most likely place in the USA for Canadians to flock to on holiday)!!!! I am sending you more socks tomorrow and I am hoping those don't get tainted by those Custom's people! I am half tempted to just deliver them myself and avoid any chance of being the potential source of any more bad luck!!!!!


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