Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 117: Plain Pink

I just want to snuggle with my dog. Is this really too much to ask? I miss his little face, SO much. If there was a way for him to live with me, that would be amazing. If there was even a way for him to be in Calgary, that would be amazing. I find it hard to go months without seeing him. Him and I were best buds.

We were always together when I was in BC. We would go for walks. Sometimes long walks. He hated the hill. Sometimes I was nice and I'd carry him part of the way because he was such a baby.
We would hang out and watch TV or movies. I'd sit on the couch and he'd snuggle up beside me and fall asleep. Sometimes he'd fall asleep on my legs. And other times he'd sprawl out on the back of the couch and fall asleep there.
We'd make dinner together. Well, I would make it. He would eye me closely and follow my every move hoping for even just one little crumb to fall. And if a crumb (or sometimes a lot more since I'm accident-prone) would ever fall, he was right there to take care of it. He would even eat lettuce. His least favourite was when I would eat soup. I would make soup and it was like he could tell that nothing was going to fall. Disgruntled, he would head over to his bed and wait patiently for me to pay attention to him again:

Sometimes we would get hyper together. He would go all crazy and bark while I chased him around the house and blew in his face to make him mad. We would play. And it was really fun. Sometimes we would even play dress-up. Which was his favourite...not:

What I miss the most is brushing his little teeth with his peanut butter toothpaste and then snuggling up together on my bed to go to sleep. Once in a while, he'd get cocky and take up too much room and then try to snap at me when I pushed him out of the way. Those nights he ended up banished to his bed on the floor, in the corner. Those were the bad nights. That happened probably twice in the entire time we were cohabiting. Good nights, I would lay on my side of the bed and he would lay on his. Sometimes we'd spoon. He was always the little spoon. That was my favourite though. Snuggled up on the bed, just chilling. We were there for each other.

I miss that little munchkin, more than he could ever understand.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 116: Apples

How do you tell someone you love that you are uncertain?

How do you tell someone you love that you don't have it all figured out?

How do you tell someone you love that you aren't there yet?

How do you tell someone you love that you've never really known?

How do you tell someone you love that you can't believe how long it has taken you?

How do you tell someone you love that you won't know soon?

How do you tell someone you love that you want a do-over?

How do you tell someone you love that you have so much at stake?

How do you tell someone you love that you aren't sure you agree?

How do you tell someone you love that you need them to patiently wait?

How do you tell someone you love that it's their dream and not yours?

I just don't know.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 115: Pure White

Wow, these give yesterday's 'Blue Nike' a run for their money in the boring department. YAWN.

Ever since I was a baby I remember smelling things. Anything and everything. I love scents. Scents evoke the absolute strongest memories for me, usually. I adore that when you smell something it can take you back to a totally different place and time and it's like you never left. My Mom has told me before that when I was a baby and she would pick me up, she could hear me sniffing her hair. The grossest thing I did as a toddler was sniff the couch after people stood up. Like a dog. How embarrassing. Having an acute sense of smell at that age, though, is probably what has kept my sense of smell so intense.

Tonight, however, it was my sense of taste that took me back to a place and time that I wasn't expecting.

As you can read in the last few previous blogs, I am incredibly stressed with school at the moment. I have countless assignments, quizzes, final projects, papers and presentations due in the next 2 1/2 weeks and I am totally freaking out. Today I met with two separate groups to work on projects and both meetings left me frustrated. Not so much with the people in the groups, but the projects themselves. When I came home this evening at around 7pm, after being at school all day, I wasn't in the best mood. Not angry, just a little bit grumpy and feeling the stress all over again in realizing everything that is on my plate. My Dad had made dinner and saved me some leftovers, so I ate some dinner. My Dad's birthday was on Sunday and my Stepmom had made this absolutely delicious layered chocolate cake with chocolate shavings and raspberries on top. The entire cake was made with fair trade chocolate. Seriously impressive! I had one of the leftover cake pieces for dessert after dinner. I saved the top piece of cake with the chocolate shavings and the raspberry for last. I have loved raspberries for a long time. In fact, I think I would say they are my favourite fruit.

When I bit into that raspberry though, it was like I was 13 years old and on my Nana and Papa's farm in Quebec. It was hot out. It was summer vacation and I was staying out there for the entire month of July. I had spent the morning down in the Tannery. This was the pool of water at the bottom of the creek. You couldn't see the bottom. Kids would jump in and swim. Considering my blog about being afraid of water, I didn't swim. I would walk up and down the creek trying to make it the whole way by stepping on rocks and not stepping into the water. It was a game; it was a challenge. There were leeches in the water. I had never encountered leeches before. They are, possibly, the reason I tried my rock game. I knew that if a leech got onto me that I was supposed to use salt to get it off. I didn't have salt, it was all the way back at Nana's house. After playing for hours near the water and wandering around the farm in the hot, sticky, mid-July, Quebec weather I decided to go up to my Aunt Audrey's house to say hello. She lived in a big old farm house on the property that was shared by her and my Grandparents. As I was headed up to her place, I passed a raspberry bush. Never in my life had I seen raspberries that looked so big, red, and juicy. I knew, in that moment, that I had to taste these. I started with one. I took my sweet time picking the one that looked the best before finally popping it into my mouth. It was a gusher that flooded my mouth with flavour the second I bit into it.

So delicious.

I can't eat raspberries without thinking about that day and, to be honest, I'm glad for it.

Love you for always, Nana.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 114: Blue Nike

Boring socks for the worst day of the week -- Monday. Oh wow, being a week behind in my blog sucks. I really need to catch up! This way too much homework stress at the end of the semester is BRUTAL!

Since I have no idea what happened last Monday, because I have a terrible memory, I shall write about whatever I feel like. I am going to try and catch up on some of my blogging tomorrow, but that may be overridden by homework once again.

Tonight I saw on my friend Angela's page on Facebook that a sweet baby, Brynn, passed away. Angela is a co-founder of The Tiny Light Foundation. They are a non-profit organization that match photographers with families that have children with life threatening or life altering diagnoses. One of their Tiny Lights, Brynn, lost her battle before her photo-shoot was able to be completed. My heart goes out to this little one's family. How incredibly sad to lose a child. Words cannot even express that. Just the word 'sad' is not a substantial enough word to describe the sort of pain that would evoke. I was just having this conversation with another friend over the weekend. Parents should not have to deal with a child passing away before they do. It isn't the natural order. And yet, it happens.

My thoughts are definitely with that family, and with any family that I know has lost a child. May you all take comfort that they are not suffering.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 113: Flower Power

Funny story about these socks is that I actually wore them for Saturday and Sunday, by accident. I slept with them on, on Saturday night. And then Sunday I just didn't really think about it. I even had other socks to change into, but I forgot. At the end of the day on Sunday I was thinking to myself, " do I explain this to the sock blog?" Hopefully that won't happen again because 1) the idea is that I wear different socks every day and 2) it's gross.

Something that's been on my mind recently is a quote I once heard said by Hugh Jackman. I know I've shared this quote with some of you personally before. I was watching one of those cheesy 'get to know the stars' type shows. Something ET Canada-esque, but not that one. Hugh Jackman was being interviewed and he said that his Grandmother used to quote an old saying that "For a marriage to work, the man must love the woman just a little bit more than she loves him." I thought it was the sweetest quote and it has stuck with me. I don't necessarily believe it to be true. However, I do think there is merit to a man being completely head-over-heels, enamoured with his wife. All too often we see men in movies and TV being portrayed as these cheating, lying scumbag types. I definitely know that not all men are like that, but I do hope that a significant portion of men are the 'crazy in love with you' type. That's so cute.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 112: Wild Thing

As a child, I was terrified of water. This is not something that has gotten progressively better. To this day I can't put my face in the running shower water. One would think that there would be a reason for this, something that happened to me as a small little being that made me unnaturally afraid of water. But no. I am just afraid of it, for no reason at all.

In swimming lessons when I was young, I couldn't bring myself to blow bubbles in the water, at first. Eventually they convinced me that I wasn't going to die just because I put half my face in the water. I listened to them and did what I was told. Eventually we graduated to actually having to swim in swimming lessons. Curious. I can honestly say that I have absolutely no idea how I made it as far in swimming lessons as I did because I still have to hold my nose when I go under water. I made it to 'Green', which really means nothing because some people took lessons when it was numbers, not colours. I don't even know myself what Green really means, other than it's way too far into swimming lessons to still be plugging my nose. How did I fake this for so long? How did they not notice that when I turned my head to the side my face wasn't actually going into the water? Either my swim instructors were not very bright, or I was an incredible faker.

The other issue I had with swimming lessons was diving. With my deep seated fear of water, diving just seemed like idiocy to me. Why in the hell would I want to jump head first into one of my biggest fears? I'm not a FOOL. All of my diving attempts ended as really painful belly flops. I would work up the courage in my own mind. A little self-talk, "come on, Lydia, it's just water. We're in a pool. There is nothing scary. You can do this. Don't be the only one in the class that is afraid. Just prepare. Ok now, DIVE." Then as I bent my knees to power off the side, into the pool, I would mentally freak out. To the likes of, "OH MY GOD! YOU ARE AN IDIOT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! YOU WILL DIE!" I would completely panic and then instead of neatly diving into the pool, I would jump up spastically, with crazy eyes as if I was being murdered. I would contort my arms and legs in such a fashion (think: a cat pouncing) that I could not avoid the inevitable belly flop, with all extremities frantically waving. It hurt every time. I'm sure I was the class joke.

I've cried both times that I've attempted snorkelling. This is more embarrassing because the first time I tried, I was 21. The second time, 22. Luckily, I was with family both times. I am sure that fish are pretty cool and that under the water there is a whole world that would be amazing to see first-hand, but I will stick to watching it on The Little Mermaid, thank you very much.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 111: Peace and Love Checkers

Thursday was St. Patrick's Day! Hard to see, but those peace signs are actually green. Since I was housesitting, I didn't think to bring green socks with me. Actually, I'm not sure I have green socks. I will probably need to think about getting some more socks here as I'm probably into the last 20 pairs that I have left at the moment. Remember, any donations to the sock fund are appreciated! Not that I want your money, just some socks!

Sometimes I wonder how honest I should really be in this blog. How sad is it that I am concerned with what people think of me, even when it's online? I suppose it's because I know how many people from my everyday life read this blog, but maybe those are the people that really should know the true me. I imagine I hold back on some topics because  I don't necessarily want everyone to know everything that I think. It's so exposing and feels so unnatural to tell certain people intimate things about your life. I sometimes imagine what the reader will think while reading my post. "Will they be offended? Let down? Mad at me? Disgusted? Understanding?" or "Will ____ never talk to me again and think I'm some sort of terrible person?" Maybe the fears are irrational, but maybe some people would actually stop reading my blog if they did not agree with how I lived my life, or what I thought. I'm not afraid of someone not reading my blog anymore, that's their choice. However, I am afraid of being judged by people that know me.

Maybe this is why so many people have anonymous blogs. Lightbulb moment.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 110: Fun Coloured Polkadots

I love these socks! They are polkadot, which is one of my favourites. And they are fun colours, which I also love.

Late Tuesday afternoon I was offered the job that I interviewed for on Monday! That was amazing! So I talked it out with a few people to get their opinions and such and on Wednesday I accepted the job offer! I am officially working at an oil and gas company downtown as an HR Assistant this summer! I start first thing in May and will be with them until the very beginning of September. It's really neat because with this job I may have the opportunity to travel to their other offices and work there a week or so at a time. There is one office just outside Edmonton, two in Texas (I think!), and one in Louisiana. It would be so cool to get to spend some time in one, or all, of their other offices!

Once I had that figured out, I decided to check out my classes for registration to make sure that they were still offering the ones I had picked out. Lucky that I checked because I ended up having to rearrange my entire schedule last minute for my fall classes! However, I ended up working it out in such a way that in the fall i'll only have classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Friday mornings (for just an hour)! Not too shabby, actually.


Day 109: Zebra Stripes

Tuesday was a day. That's basically all I can say about it. Because of my complete focus on my Stats midterm, my homework in other classes had taken a back burner. Not smart when I had an article summary and an assignment due on Wednesday, a meeting to discuss where I was at related to my project in another class and a test coming up on Friday. I spent Tuesday frantically writing my article summary. I woke up early, went to school and sat in my favourite spot to get some serious writing done before class. I did get a chunk of it done for sure, but had to miss our first playoff dodgeball game in the evening in order to finish all the homework that I needed to get done. It was stressful, but I pulled it off and handed everything in on time! Go me! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 108: Music Notes

These are my musical socks! Pretty cute, sitting there on the little pink stool.

On Monday I had a job interview first thing in the morning. Since I'm in the coop program at school I have to find a summer placement from May to August to count as my first coop work term. The coop coordinator posts jobs on the school work experience website for us to apply to. The job I was interviewing for is for a Human Resources Assistant position at an oil and gas company downtown. I went into the interview and felt fairly confident in how it had gone. It was my first interview of the year so I fumbled on at least one question that they asked, but that's just part of the joyous interviewing process! After I left the interview I went to work. It was there that I discovered the gaping hole in my pants. Not just a little hole in the knee or something completely inconspicuous like that. No, I like to fail on a grander scale. I had a toonie-sized hole close to the bottom of the slanted pocket on my dress pants. Which translates to having a toonie-sized hole that was exposing my upper thigh to the two gentlemen interviewing me.

I saw this going in one of three ways:

1) They noticed. They thought I was poor. They took pity on me and offered me the job, because I am obviously too poor to buy new pants.

2) They noticed. They thought I was inappropriate and didn't offer me the job because of it.


3) They didn't notice!

I was definitely hoping for option 3!


Day 107: xoxo

Sunday. Car show date with my Papa Gigo (aka Father, or Dad, to the less imaginative).

When I lived in Alberta before, the Gig and I would go to the car show every year. It was my favourite thing in March, every year. For those that don't know, I adore my Dad. He is one of the best men I've ever met and I am grateful for him every day. Also for those that don't know, I love cars. And my Dad loves cars. And together there is clearly just a whole lot of love for cars. So, naturally, the car show is one of our favourite dates to do together.

This year I was actually considering specific cars as possibilities for me. Because Ginger has decided to start being temperamental and emotional, it's time that I start, at least the process of, looking for a new car.

I found a few at the car show that I definitely liked, but I'd have to test drive to see which ones I like the best. I also would have to figure out if it's even financially feasible for me to have car payments while I'm in school. I think I could budget it in, but it is extra stress added on, so we'll see.

Everyone that has the ability (or the desire) to -- go hug your Dad!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 106: Love

My socks of choice for 1) A Stats Midterm (that I freaking did AWESOME on!), 2) A 50th Birthday Party where Yours Truly dressed as the Tooth Fairy and 3) An "after party" where I first laughed my butt off at drunk friends and then joined them in partaking in a few drinks myself!

1) Stats Midterm -- I was soooo nervous for this, even though I had studied like mad. I did so many practice exercises I thought my head would explode. However, all those exercises paid off in the exam. I ended up making a few silly mistakes from not being careful and rushing an answer, but it went extremely well overall.

2) After the midterm I went and bought the last items needed for my tooth fairy costume. I went to a 50th birthday party for my boss (aka my work Dad) where the theme was superheros or supervillians. Mallory and I figured the tooth fairy was a super hero to most children. She can fly. She gives money. That's practically saving lives. She boosts the confidence of toothless children the world over. Here is my finished product, followed by Mallory's adorable "Old Bat Girl":
Okay so the pics are kind of grainy, but they were taken with my iPhone in a terribly lit room.

3) After the 50th birthday I picked up a couple intoxicated friends from the train station upon their return from the hockey game. Flames lost. To the Canucks. Worst. So we headed to the pub together. The walk to the pub from Krista's was a ridiculously long feat that I wouldn't trade for the world. One word: hilarious. Krista channelled her inner drunk dialer and went to town on her contacts list. Seriously, I took the phone away and she somehow managed to wrangle it back. Then she slipped on the ice while speaking to one of her selected contacts. Then she decided she wanted to go back home. When we mentioned shots were in the other direction, she quickly changed her mind. The usual 6 minute walk to the pub took us around 30. While it was cold, it was hilarious and well worth the extra time. I can't even describe the push-ups situation with Ryan, but suffice it to say that it was one of the best moments of the night.

I am laughing out loud while writing this and thinking about the pub. I honestly just can't even describe all of Saturday and do it proper justice. I will use point-form:
- Krista: "I'm an old english man." "We're going for shots." "I like your blonde hair." "Ohhh SHOTS!"
- winning
- high school "friends"
- bathroom bisexuals
- creepy men pub hopping with young women
- scamming digits
- too much red wine
- snorting while watching movies
- Ryan: "Oh GAWWWWD." (falls to floor in bathroom)

Best night in a long time. Seriously. I laughed so hard and am the only one that remembers the entire night. Winning.

I am so sad that Krista will be leaving me for England. Words can't even express. Ugh. If Ryan is staying around instead of leaving for Lethbridge (boo, wind!), nights like this better happen more often.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 105: Hearts, hearts, hearts!

I had the most boring daytime in a while wearing these socks. It was on Friday last week. I got up early. Well, not early enough, actually, because I missed my Deep Water Workout class. Anyways, I got up in time to be at school for my 8am. My usual class was cancelled so I sat down and started doing even more stats practice exercises. That continued until 10:30am when I had my Stats class. After stats class, I spent the remainder of the afternoon and early evening doing MORE stats practice exercises. Once I was done with that (after about 10 straight hours of doing stats work) I got ready to go out to my stepbrothers concert at a pub. It was really fun! I'm so glad that I did something fun the night before my test. I was getting a little bit stir crazy. And, to be honest, if i'd stayed at home I would have kept doing stats and I probably would have overdone it!

Anyways, it was my first concert seeing the Rocketeers! It was definitely a good time and it will be nice to see more of them. :) One of the funniest parts was the LED sign behind them that lit up and said "F--- Ya!" as Jeff was singing. I definitely laughed -- as my parents watched in horror.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 104: Stars!

Sooooo behind on my blogging. Not having the internet for a few days sure was strange. I can't believe how completely dependent I am on the internet. For everything. Especially homework. There were certain things that I just couldn't do without the internet (ie. look up the requirements for assignments). I am very thankful to have it back now!

I have to try to catch up on blogging slowly just because of the sheer amount of homework I have recently. I'm feeling that end of the semester crunch at the moment. I only have one more month left and my 2nd semester will be over. Hard to believe that I left BC over six months ago. Also hard to believe all that has happened since I left. The way that life moves on is incredible sometimes.

I want to blog longer and share all the thoughts going through my mind and fill everyone in on everything happening in my life, but I really have to go to bed. I feel like a Grandma because the time change seems to have affected me! Tired.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 103: Monkey Caught Red-Handed

My Nana sent me these socks. So perfect for me. I loooooove cookies. However, I don't think I really look like a monkey, but that's probably debatable.

Wednesday I spent the entire evening doing Stats practice midterms. It was one of those times where by the end of the night my brain was just a puddle. I was skipping questions that I thought were hard that, when I came back to them, were in fact very easy. Oh well that is what happens when you spend hours and hours on the same information.

I hope that my brain isn't quite as puddly when I actually write the midterm. Booo tests.

Ohhh! And I have to show you what I made in school. I came home from school and told my Dad and Stepmom, "All of your dreams for me have now been realized. You will be so proud of me. Look at what I made at school today!":

For those that don't know what it is, it is a parrot on a perch! It's hard to tell from the picture, but trust me, I'm not lying. :)

Are you amazed? Proud?


Day 102: Multicoloured Ladybugs

Tuesday I went to school and did some statistics in preparation for my stats midterm that is on Saturday (eek!). After class I had some free time before I had a Human Resources networking event back at school. By "free time" I really mean that I had time for more homework and studying before the networking event. I headed back to the house that I am housesitting at to do some homework and to get ready for the event.

This is what the face of a girl about to meet a bunch of potential HR employers looks like:

While I was at the event I ended up meeting a lady that works at one of the companies I applied to for my co-op work placement. I was really excited to meet her and we found some similarities in our stories of how we are getting into HR. She said she'd call me next week and let me know if I have an interview, so that is really great! The event was a total success and the appetizers were incredibly delicious!

After the networking event Team Team had a dodgeball game. So I donned my yellow t-shirt and lulus and we ended up doing not too badly. We didn't win, but we didn't get smoked either. That was nice!! All in all it was a really good day.

Bad part of the day was at the house sitting house after dodgeball I swear to you I heard someone jiggling the door handle. What else could make a sound so much like that? It was awful. I was scared, but I ended up being fine. Let's hope that doesn't happen again!


Day 101: Hearts and Wings

"If my heart had wings, I would fly to you and lie beside you as you dream..." -- Martina McBride.

Not sure that is really what I would do if my heart had wings. I would be more likely to be going to the hospital to find out why in the hell that was happening.

Monday was the beginning of the week. It was a while ago so I'm trying to remember exactly what was going on that day. Oh yes, I had work and then school. Which means that it was one of my crazy days. Although, every day feels like a crazy day right now.

Ok, world's crappiest blog post, possibly, but I really need to catch up on all the days I missed so here I go!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 100: Pink Elephants

Well folks, this is a big day. A very big day. This blog is officially in the triple digits!!! How did this happen? Seriously, I can't believe that Sunday marked 100 days of my blog starting. Where has the time gone?

In honour of this momentous occasion, I chose to wear elephants. Why? Because elephants are BIG, and HUGE, and GIGANTIC, and...awesome, actually.

Sunday was another awesome day, much like Saturday. I woke up early (well, late actually, but I made it there...) and went to Ladies Society breakfast. We had three guests there that don't usually come when we have the breakfast so it was nice to have a bigger group of ladies doing classy things together like eating french toast, eggs, tater tots and fruit. Delicious!

After Ladies Society I had to go home and pack because I'm housesitting for the next two weeks. I packed up all my things and moved them over to where I'm housesitting. I then sat and did homework for a few hours.

After homework I headed to Krista's house to eat her DELICIOUS homemade lasagna with her and Ryan. It was so yummy. We watched the Flames win and then we watched the first half of the first Harry Potter movie. I finished reading all of the books last year and am just starting now to see the movies for the first time! Exciting! I was definitely little kid in a candy store-ing it with all my exclamations like "Oh I like that!" "They did that SO well!" "Ohhh look!" "Awwww! He's the cutest!", etc. It was great fun and I'm glad that I've started watching them. It will be neat to watch the cast grow up on screen.


Day 99: Grippy Stockings

Those pom poms sure didn't last long on Saturday, but I really liked these socks. They have that nice homemade feel even though they were store purchased by a friend! They even have grippies on the bottom, which are totally one of my favourite things. You know the song "My Favourite Things" from the Sound of Music? My version would definitely include grippy socks.

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, 
bright grippy stockings and warm woolen mittens..."

Yep, that sums me up. What else do I love? Mashed potatoes. Perfume. Accessories. My stepmom's brownies. Warm beds. HOT TUBS!

Speaking of hot tubs, that's what I did on Saturday. Wait. That story has to be put on hold for a recap of the WHOLE day. On Saturday I woke up late (oops) and bought JOSH GROBAN tickets! Mallory and I will be sitting 16th row on the floor and I am way beyond excited. The concert is not until late this summer, but regardless, I'm already practically peeing my pants. After that I went to Starbucks and studied with Joy. I got a lot accomplished, thankfully. Then after that I went to a play with Krista. They warned us there was nudity. They weren't kidding. The play was really well done though. I totally enjoyed it. And THEN I went to Randi's house and hot-tubbed it up. It was a wonderful end to a really fun day (minus the homework)!

Ok people, now buy me grippy socks!!!! :)


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 98: Girly Argyle

Something I realized yesterday:

I am actually terrified of cutting off almost all my hair. I know it's for a good reason. I know that the money I've raised is already being put to good use by the Canadian Cancer Society. I know that the wig(s) that will be made of my hair will also be put to good use (read: free for women with cancer) once they are made by the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign.

For some reason I can't seem to get over the fact that I won't have my nice long hair to hide behind. It's almost like I'm losing this security blanket that I've been wearing for a while. When you are used to something it becomes comfortable, safe. I spent a long time growing my hair out for this purpose alone. I haven't dyed my hair in a few years so that I would be able to donate all of it. I have found in the process that I love my natural hair colour. It's rich, it's so dark brown it's almost black, it's naturally highlighted with red, it's going to be almost all gone in just over a month.

One consolation I have is knowing I'm not a crier when it comes to haircuts and won't cry when it's being cut off. Also, I know that what I'm doing is already, and will help other people. That makes it easier, to be sure.

To donate to Lydia's Losing Locks for Cancer click here.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 97: Purple stencil

Thursday was a nice full day of work. I actually had a lot of fun at work on Thursday, except Mal wasn't there to partake in the fun! :( The people I work with are great though and I laugh a lot when I'm there.

Thursday evening I had Bellyfit. We do this class in front of floor to ceiling mirrors on two sides of the room. Sometimes when I do Bellyfit, I feel sorta sexy. You know, I get my hips going and I'm like, 'yes...I am hot. Like ridiculously hot. I am on FIRE.'

And then, I look in the mirror. Like, really look in the mirror. It's then that I realize that I am nowhere near 'sexy' calibre in this class. I still look like i'm just flailing my arms a lot of the time, rather than having solid form and continuity with my arms. My legs sometimes just go crazy as if no one is controlling them at all because I don't understand some of the moves. Some of the leg and arm combos are killer. So confusing.

I feel like I will take Thursday's at Bellyfit to tell myself I am sexy anyways. I don't really have to be any good. It's all about how I feel!


Day 96: Stripes and Ruffles

I honestly feel like this day was just a regular day.

There was a situation that came up on Wednesday with a friend of mine. I will leave names out, but want to explain some general, ok, bitchy, thoughts that I have about the head games we play as women and men. These are by no means meant to be offensive to anyone, or even directed at any one person in particular. Just some complaints I have about the relationship scene. Comments:

1) Men: Do not drop off the face of the earth while 'dating' us. Seriously, having to call and go through the whole, "why isn't he calling me back" thing, just to have it never come to anything...not cool.
2) Men: After dropping off the face of the earth and never tying up your loose ends, don't expect us to want to be buddy-buddy with you. If you don't respect us enough to call us when you're 'dating' us, we probably, now, don't respect you enough to be friends.
3) Men: Even worse, expecting us to be excited for and/or friends with your new girlfriend. Without closure, the shock of seeing you with someone else can be overwhelming. Don't be an idiot. We don't want to be your friend. Or hers.
4) Women: Don't be a nag. If he doesn't call, doesn't text, doesn't email, let it go.
5) Women: If he comes around one day and pulls the "I still love you, I just didn't know what I was missing until I let it go" -- tell him to get a life. Wishy-washy is not attractive. And do you really want to date him again and have to go through his next crisis of uncertainty about you?
6) Women: Delete loser guys from your phone, Facebook, email, Twitter, etc. You know those late night phone calls leave you with tears the size of whales and a scatterbrain of emotion. Don't do it to yourself. Get rid of him. For good.

This is all I really wanted to say about this at the moment. I could probably go on forever and sometimes I find it hard to take my own advice, but I know that it's not bad advice.

Who needs loser men? Not me. Who has time for wasting emotions on people unworthy of the emotions we invest? Not me. And I hope not you either.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 95: Fire Engine Red

Boring work out socks, option: red.

Dodge. The. Ball. This is what one would think would happen in a game of dodgeball. Let me tell you, my friends, this was not the case on Tuesday night. At least not on my part.

I'm pretty sure that one guy on the other team had a serious hate on for me. Every time I would get on the court, he would peg me off. I don't know if I was just really rusty at how to dodge a ball since we'd had a week off or if he seriously just wanted me on the bench the entire game. By half time I had at least four giant dodgeball-sized welts on my legs that were burning. Three of which turned in to actual bruises over night. My poor, poor legs. I will likely play again in the Spring dodgeball league, but if there is a summer one, my poor legs will be left out of it. I'm already self-conscious in a bathing suit. No need to add gigantic bruises to make that even worse!

Hoping for a better showing (read: at least playing for more than a minute) next game!


Day 94: Cupcakes

Cupcake socks! So freaking adorable!

Monday was one of those days that didn't exactly go as planned. Normally on Mondays I go to work and then after work, go to school. This Monday I did the work part. While at work there was a mini-blizzard of sorts. It didn't end up actually snowing all that much, but it was snowing and it was windy so it was blowing all over the place. This, coupled with my realization that Monday was the last day to apply for scholarships for next semester, left me skipping class on Monday night in order to send in a bunch of scholarship applications. Seems semi-counterintuitive, but that is the truth.

I better get money out of this!