Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 105: Hearts, hearts, hearts!

I had the most boring daytime in a while wearing these socks. It was on Friday last week. I got up early. Well, not early enough, actually, because I missed my Deep Water Workout class. Anyways, I got up in time to be at school for my 8am. My usual class was cancelled so I sat down and started doing even more stats practice exercises. That continued until 10:30am when I had my Stats class. After stats class, I spent the remainder of the afternoon and early evening doing MORE stats practice exercises. Once I was done with that (after about 10 straight hours of doing stats work) I got ready to go out to my stepbrothers concert at a pub. It was really fun! I'm so glad that I did something fun the night before my test. I was getting a little bit stir crazy. And, to be honest, if i'd stayed at home I would have kept doing stats and I probably would have overdone it!

Anyways, it was my first concert seeing the Rocketeers! It was definitely a good time and it will be nice to see more of them. :) One of the funniest parts was the LED sign behind them that lit up and said "F--- Ya!" as Jeff was singing. I definitely laughed -- as my parents watched in horror.


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