Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 96: Stripes and Ruffles

I honestly feel like this day was just a regular day.

There was a situation that came up on Wednesday with a friend of mine. I will leave names out, but want to explain some general, ok, bitchy, thoughts that I have about the head games we play as women and men. These are by no means meant to be offensive to anyone, or even directed at any one person in particular. Just some complaints I have about the relationship scene. Comments:

1) Men: Do not drop off the face of the earth while 'dating' us. Seriously, having to call and go through the whole, "why isn't he calling me back" thing, just to have it never come to anything...not cool.
2) Men: After dropping off the face of the earth and never tying up your loose ends, don't expect us to want to be buddy-buddy with you. If you don't respect us enough to call us when you're 'dating' us, we probably, now, don't respect you enough to be friends.
3) Men: Even worse, expecting us to be excited for and/or friends with your new girlfriend. Without closure, the shock of seeing you with someone else can be overwhelming. Don't be an idiot. We don't want to be your friend. Or hers.
4) Women: Don't be a nag. If he doesn't call, doesn't text, doesn't email, let it go.
5) Women: If he comes around one day and pulls the "I still love you, I just didn't know what I was missing until I let it go" -- tell him to get a life. Wishy-washy is not attractive. And do you really want to date him again and have to go through his next crisis of uncertainty about you?
6) Women: Delete loser guys from your phone, Facebook, email, Twitter, etc. You know those late night phone calls leave you with tears the size of whales and a scatterbrain of emotion. Don't do it to yourself. Get rid of him. For good.

This is all I really wanted to say about this at the moment. I could probably go on forever and sometimes I find it hard to take my own advice, but I know that it's not bad advice.

Who needs loser men? Not me. Who has time for wasting emotions on people unworthy of the emotions we invest? Not me. And I hope not you either.


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