Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 97: Purple stencil

Thursday was a nice full day of work. I actually had a lot of fun at work on Thursday, except Mal wasn't there to partake in the fun! :( The people I work with are great though and I laugh a lot when I'm there.

Thursday evening I had Bellyfit. We do this class in front of floor to ceiling mirrors on two sides of the room. Sometimes when I do Bellyfit, I feel sorta sexy. You know, I get my hips going and I'm like, 'yes...I am hot. Like ridiculously hot. I am on FIRE.'

And then, I look in the mirror. Like, really look in the mirror. It's then that I realize that I am nowhere near 'sexy' calibre in this class. I still look like i'm just flailing my arms a lot of the time, rather than having solid form and continuity with my arms. My legs sometimes just go crazy as if no one is controlling them at all because I don't understand some of the moves. Some of the leg and arm combos are killer. So confusing.

I feel like I will take Thursday's at Bellyfit to tell myself I am sexy anyways. I don't really have to be any good. It's all about how I feel!


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