Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 99: Grippy Stockings

Those pom poms sure didn't last long on Saturday, but I really liked these socks. They have that nice homemade feel even though they were store purchased by a friend! They even have grippies on the bottom, which are totally one of my favourite things. You know the song "My Favourite Things" from the Sound of Music? My version would definitely include grippy socks.

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, 
bright grippy stockings and warm woolen mittens..."

Yep, that sums me up. What else do I love? Mashed potatoes. Perfume. Accessories. My stepmom's brownies. Warm beds. HOT TUBS!

Speaking of hot tubs, that's what I did on Saturday. Wait. That story has to be put on hold for a recap of the WHOLE day. On Saturday I woke up late (oops) and bought JOSH GROBAN tickets! Mallory and I will be sitting 16th row on the floor and I am way beyond excited. The concert is not until late this summer, but regardless, I'm already practically peeing my pants. After that I went to Starbucks and studied with Joy. I got a lot accomplished, thankfully. Then after that I went to a play with Krista. They warned us there was nudity. They weren't kidding. The play was really well done though. I totally enjoyed it. And THEN I went to Randi's house and hot-tubbed it up. It was a wonderful end to a really fun day (minus the homework)!

Ok people, now buy me grippy socks!!!! :)


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