Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 100: Pink Elephants

Well folks, this is a big day. A very big day. This blog is officially in the triple digits!!! How did this happen? Seriously, I can't believe that Sunday marked 100 days of my blog starting. Where has the time gone?

In honour of this momentous occasion, I chose to wear elephants. Why? Because elephants are BIG, and HUGE, and GIGANTIC, and...awesome, actually.

Sunday was another awesome day, much like Saturday. I woke up early (well, late actually, but I made it there...) and went to Ladies Society breakfast. We had three guests there that don't usually come when we have the breakfast so it was nice to have a bigger group of ladies doing classy things together like eating french toast, eggs, tater tots and fruit. Delicious!

After Ladies Society I had to go home and pack because I'm housesitting for the next two weeks. I packed up all my things and moved them over to where I'm housesitting. I then sat and did homework for a few hours.

After homework I headed to Krista's house to eat her DELICIOUS homemade lasagna with her and Ryan. It was so yummy. We watched the Flames win and then we watched the first half of the first Harry Potter movie. I finished reading all of the books last year and am just starting now to see the movies for the first time! Exciting! I was definitely little kid in a candy store-ing it with all my exclamations like "Oh I like that!" "They did that SO well!" "Ohhh look!" "Awwww! He's the cutest!", etc. It was great fun and I'm glad that I've started watching them. It will be neat to watch the cast grow up on screen.


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