Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 98: Girly Argyle

Something I realized yesterday:

I am actually terrified of cutting off almost all my hair. I know it's for a good reason. I know that the money I've raised is already being put to good use by the Canadian Cancer Society. I know that the wig(s) that will be made of my hair will also be put to good use (read: free for women with cancer) once they are made by the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign.

For some reason I can't seem to get over the fact that I won't have my nice long hair to hide behind. It's almost like I'm losing this security blanket that I've been wearing for a while. When you are used to something it becomes comfortable, safe. I spent a long time growing my hair out for this purpose alone. I haven't dyed my hair in a few years so that I would be able to donate all of it. I have found in the process that I love my natural hair colour. It's rich, it's so dark brown it's almost black, it's naturally highlighted with red, it's going to be almost all gone in just over a month.

One consolation I have is knowing I'm not a crier when it comes to haircuts and won't cry when it's being cut off. Also, I know that what I'm doing is already, and will help other people. That makes it easier, to be sure.

To donate to Lydia's Losing Locks for Cancer click here.


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  1. When I did the "big cut" in High School, I was shocked at how much more confident and sexy I felt with my new hair. I cried AFTER the cut because I was so pleased with my new style and so disappointed that I hadn't done it sooner.

    I promise you it will be one of your favorite things. Like getting a piercing. You just want another and another....

    I wish so badly I could cut my hair. Kyle would loose his mind. I am sincerely jealous of you my love. You will be tickled pink.

    I'll take you out headband shopping. :)

    P.S. Don't buy fabric wraparound headbands. They don't typically work with pixie cuts. Start stocking up on the bands that sit behind your ears.


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