Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 111: Peace and Love Checkers

Thursday was St. Patrick's Day! Hard to see, but those peace signs are actually green. Since I was housesitting, I didn't think to bring green socks with me. Actually, I'm not sure I have green socks. I will probably need to think about getting some more socks here as I'm probably into the last 20 pairs that I have left at the moment. Remember, any donations to the sock fund are appreciated! Not that I want your money, just some socks!

Sometimes I wonder how honest I should really be in this blog. How sad is it that I am concerned with what people think of me, even when it's online? I suppose it's because I know how many people from my everyday life read this blog, but maybe those are the people that really should know the true me. I imagine I hold back on some topics because  I don't necessarily want everyone to know everything that I think. It's so exposing and feels so unnatural to tell certain people intimate things about your life. I sometimes imagine what the reader will think while reading my post. "Will they be offended? Let down? Mad at me? Disgusted? Understanding?" or "Will ____ never talk to me again and think I'm some sort of terrible person?" Maybe the fears are irrational, but maybe some people would actually stop reading my blog if they did not agree with how I lived my life, or what I thought. I'm not afraid of someone not reading my blog anymore, that's their choice. However, I am afraid of being judged by people that know me.

Maybe this is why so many people have anonymous blogs. Lightbulb moment.


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  1. Well I love you and value your friendship because of who you are and if I don't agree with every little thing you think or do or type, so be it, I won't like you any less because of it! In fact, I find that friendships thrive on differences in taste, opinion, beliefs, etc.

    And I had a lightbulb moment regarding your socks...start mixing up the pairs and they will go even further! You know, Punky Brewster style;)


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