Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 108: Music Notes

These are my musical socks! Pretty cute, sitting there on the little pink stool.

On Monday I had a job interview first thing in the morning. Since I'm in the coop program at school I have to find a summer placement from May to August to count as my first coop work term. The coop coordinator posts jobs on the school work experience website for us to apply to. The job I was interviewing for is for a Human Resources Assistant position at an oil and gas company downtown. I went into the interview and felt fairly confident in how it had gone. It was my first interview of the year so I fumbled on at least one question that they asked, but that's just part of the joyous interviewing process! After I left the interview I went to work. It was there that I discovered the gaping hole in my pants. Not just a little hole in the knee or something completely inconspicuous like that. No, I like to fail on a grander scale. I had a toonie-sized hole close to the bottom of the slanted pocket on my dress pants. Which translates to having a toonie-sized hole that was exposing my upper thigh to the two gentlemen interviewing me.

I saw this going in one of three ways:

1) They noticed. They thought I was poor. They took pity on me and offered me the job, because I am obviously too poor to buy new pants.

2) They noticed. They thought I was inappropriate and didn't offer me the job because of it.


3) They didn't notice!

I was definitely hoping for option 3!


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