Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 106: Love

My socks of choice for 1) A Stats Midterm (that I freaking did AWESOME on!), 2) A 50th Birthday Party where Yours Truly dressed as the Tooth Fairy and 3) An "after party" where I first laughed my butt off at drunk friends and then joined them in partaking in a few drinks myself!

1) Stats Midterm -- I was soooo nervous for this, even though I had studied like mad. I did so many practice exercises I thought my head would explode. However, all those exercises paid off in the exam. I ended up making a few silly mistakes from not being careful and rushing an answer, but it went extremely well overall.

2) After the midterm I went and bought the last items needed for my tooth fairy costume. I went to a 50th birthday party for my boss (aka my work Dad) where the theme was superheros or supervillians. Mallory and I figured the tooth fairy was a super hero to most children. She can fly. She gives money. That's practically saving lives. She boosts the confidence of toothless children the world over. Here is my finished product, followed by Mallory's adorable "Old Bat Girl":
Okay so the pics are kind of grainy, but they were taken with my iPhone in a terribly lit room.

3) After the 50th birthday I picked up a couple intoxicated friends from the train station upon their return from the hockey game. Flames lost. To the Canucks. Worst. So we headed to the pub together. The walk to the pub from Krista's was a ridiculously long feat that I wouldn't trade for the world. One word: hilarious. Krista channelled her inner drunk dialer and went to town on her contacts list. Seriously, I took the phone away and she somehow managed to wrangle it back. Then she slipped on the ice while speaking to one of her selected contacts. Then she decided she wanted to go back home. When we mentioned shots were in the other direction, she quickly changed her mind. The usual 6 minute walk to the pub took us around 30. While it was cold, it was hilarious and well worth the extra time. I can't even describe the push-ups situation with Ryan, but suffice it to say that it was one of the best moments of the night.

I am laughing out loud while writing this and thinking about the pub. I honestly just can't even describe all of Saturday and do it proper justice. I will use point-form:
- Krista: "I'm an old english man." "We're going for shots." "I like your blonde hair." "Ohhh SHOTS!"
- winning
- high school "friends"
- bathroom bisexuals
- creepy men pub hopping with young women
- scamming digits
- too much red wine
- snorting while watching movies
- Ryan: "Oh GAWWWWD." (falls to floor in bathroom)

Best night in a long time. Seriously. I laughed so hard and am the only one that remembers the entire night. Winning.

I am so sad that Krista will be leaving me for England. Words can't even express. Ugh. If Ryan is staying around instead of leaving for Lethbridge (boo, wind!), nights like this better happen more often.


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  1. Actually it's "I'm an 18th century English man". That's important. I don't even want to mention how many of your point form list I don't quite remember... all I'm going say is that you left you left out the best part of Ryan falling to the floor. HE WASN'T WEARING PANTS


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