Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 110: Fun Coloured Polkadots

I love these socks! They are polkadot, which is one of my favourites. And they are fun colours, which I also love.

Late Tuesday afternoon I was offered the job that I interviewed for on Monday! That was amazing! So I talked it out with a few people to get their opinions and such and on Wednesday I accepted the job offer! I am officially working at an oil and gas company downtown as an HR Assistant this summer! I start first thing in May and will be with them until the very beginning of September. It's really neat because with this job I may have the opportunity to travel to their other offices and work there a week or so at a time. There is one office just outside Edmonton, two in Texas (I think!), and one in Louisiana. It would be so cool to get to spend some time in one, or all, of their other offices!

Once I had that figured out, I decided to check out my classes for registration to make sure that they were still offering the ones I had picked out. Lucky that I checked because I ended up having to rearrange my entire schedule last minute for my fall classes! However, I ended up working it out in such a way that in the fall i'll only have classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Friday mornings (for just an hour)! Not too shabby, actually.


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