Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 40: Brown with Multicoloured Stripes

I really like these socks with their two-tone multicoloured stripes. I think they are pretty neat and like an unattached rainbow of sorts.

Today I had to go back to the mall to exchange the feety pajamas I bought yesterday. I bought a Medium (which I had tried on in a different colour) and when I got home they didn't even do up. Really uplifting for the confidence. Today when I went to exchange them they said that a few had been marked wrong by their supplier. So the tag on the inside and the outside of the pajamas said they were a Medium when they were in fact an Xtra Small. Confidence booster! Unfortunately they didn't have the colour I originally wanted (green and purple plaid) so I opted to get classic red and black plaid. It reminds me of my late Papa's coat when he would work on the farm in Quebec. Nothing can beat fond memories of family members.

Totally unrelated, but as I was driving home from the mall I was thinking about how the first part of a new relationship is really exciting! I'm not experiencing this now, but I definitely remember those moments from past relationships. It's fun to look back and remember the butterflies in your stomach--nervous to call--heart beating faster--can't even eat I'm so excited--feelings of a new relationship. To have the ability to bottle the feelings of this time could be disastrous. Imagine if everyone was lovesick all the time? No one would ever get any work done. I'm thankful that these emotions and feelings happen, but I'm also thankful that they fade to the more comfortable, used to each other, stage.

I am ready for sleeping. I developed a dry cough today and I'm hoping with all the water I drank and a good night's sleep that it won't be hanging on tomorrow!



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