Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 46: Sharks!!!

Let me just express my LOVE for these socks. Krista bought these for me off of a website, which I will have to go to once I have any money to spend. They are sharks. They have fins. This morning I learned that the fins look like nipples when they are all stretched out on your leg. But the best part is that the sharks look like they are eating my calf! Seriously, these socks are incredible. And functional, because gray goes with everything.

Today I had my first Statistics class. Let's just say it's going to be an interesting semester. I was so lost. Already. In class number one. Oh, and having to buy a surprise textbook AND new calculator was really just the highlight of my afternoon. $250 (that I don't have) later, I guess I'm ready.

Thankfully I was able to meet up with my bestie, Kate, today. We had tea and french fries together. She wasn't even too embarrassed to eat with me in a restaurant where I brought my own sandwich because I can't afford their food. I felt like a loser, but talking with my best friend really helped to lift my mood! We spent some time complaining about our classes and/or people in our classes, but we laughed a lot and it was time well spent.

I have 5 hours of Accounting breathing down my neck and I should probably eat some of the food I brought for dinner before it starts. Ugh, wish me luck. Tuesday's courses are already shaping up to be the worst of my week! Sucky!


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  1. Well if you need help with statistics sweetie just let me know:) I am always here to help you:)


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