Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 55: White Nikes

I went hardcore workout girl on Thursday with my white Nike workout socks! They have little holes that supposedly keep your feet cooler.

Oh Bellyfit. Where do I start? This class was entertaining, to say the least. At the very beginning I was just excited to start and experience it all for the first time. I have never done any sort of Bollywood or Bellydancing at all. She explained that it was an aerobics class mainly, not just a dance class. Thank goodness because anyone that's seen me play Kinect knows that I can't mirror dance moves with someone else showing them to me. Non-dance moves seem to be alright for me. So we started off the class a bit slow. I got a little bit lost with some of the hand movements because they are very intricate, but for the most part I was able to keep up and not do too badly. After the warmup the instructor started with the hips where she said "if it's not jiggling, you're not doing it right!" I almost lost my mind. I was giggling slightly on the outside, but there was uproarious laughter on the inside.

Despite my initial reaction to the hip movements, I decided to try to really concentrate and focus on the movements so that I can be better at them next week. It was confusing sometimes with your legs and hips doing something totally different than your arms, but overall it wasn't too awful. I actually really enjoyed myself. Had a few laughs. Got in a pretty good workout for just starting back into this all again, so I'm happy about that.

Until next week...

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