Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 126: White and Black Checkers

The next shade. It's a trend.

Remember two days ago when I wrote about how I wasn't a huge fan of the mac and cheese at a popular local restaurant?

Well, eating it two days later, I stand corrected. The leftovers of the mac and cheese were incredible! The initial 'runny creamy' that I didn't like turned into a thicker cream from sitting for a couple days in the fridge. When I reheated that, it was like heaven in my mouth. Food that is so good because you can taste how bad it is for you. I knew I was clogging my arteries. I knew it was going right to my ass. I knew I shouldn't eat it all. But I did. And I enjoyed every...single...bite. Mmmmm.

I spent another almost 7 hours on that same project today. However, today I finished it. It's not due until Wednesday, but I needed to get it done this weekend in order to be able to write a paper for another class that's due on Wednesday as well. I'm in the home stretch, I can feel it. Two more papers and two exams. Oh, and printing my project because my printer at home has all of a sudden decided it doesn't want to print colour. The ink cartridges are totally full, I have 'colour' selected...I gave up. My printer and my car should be best friends.


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  1. Check you printer settings to see if "color" is an option you can select instead of "colour".....if it was made in the USA, it obviously has no idea what you want it to do;)


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